Rage: PS3 Version Uses 'Every Core', No 'Nasty Texture Pop-Up'

NowGamer: id Software's Tim Willits gets technical with Rage on PS3.

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Shanks4429d ago

I wish I had the option to fully install RAGE on my PS3. I know there's a big mendatory install but full installation = best performance and minimum loading times.

TimmyShire4429d ago

Always the case, I agree though - I upgraded my HDD, I might as well use it to slow the disc read time down!

meetajhu4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

You can request the feature to sir John Carmack right here


Emilio_Estevez4429d ago

No you can't, Sony would have to implement such a feature. Carmack has nothing to do with that. You were just looking to drop his twitter handle anyways, hun? ;P

DtotheRoc4429d ago Show
nveenio4428d ago

False. Sony just requires the disc be in. It doesn't require a minimum number of game resources be read from the disc. That's entirely up to the developer (unless Sony limits the maximum amount of data a HDD install can use).

zeddy4428d ago

i bet they'd do it for naughtydog if they asked nicely, also didnt sont give guerilla or naughtydog that extra core for more performance?

clarkdef4428d ago

Hey don't call him sir. don't kiss ass. He's just a programmer.

pixelsword4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

@ Stabwounds:

Na-uh; Unreal Torunament III has the option to both partially and fully install on the PS3, so either the option is already there or Sony wouldn't mind at all.

Blaine4428d ago

@ people disagreeing with DrStabwounds:

Carmack said in his keynote that he's asked Sony to allow Id more install space. Don't know why Sony should decide how much space a game can install to *my* HDD, especially when we can upgrade them, though.

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jimmins4429d ago

I agree. They have that option on Xbox 360, so why not on PS3?

nycredude4428d ago

Probably cause it runs just as good with just an 8gb install as the whole 20 gb install on the xbox. Why install more when you don't need it? Stupid if you ask me.

Foxgod4428d ago

Xbox games usually install the whole game onto the hd.
While ps3 installs are only a portion that is used for caching.

RedDead4428d ago

nycredude, most of the time the mandatory install is to keep the game up to scratch with the 360 version. The 360 Install is an option but Vastly improved what you'd expect it to improve

Ranshak4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

Thats what i was wondering, Cell has 1 core and 7 SPEs. Cant see how people blindly disagree with facts.

Petro4429d ago

People hate jokes. :P

DJMarty4429d ago

@Arnon - Both PPE & SPE's are cores. Reason SPE's have ther own kernal/ram etc.

rjdofu4429d ago

@Ranshak: disagree fairies are everywhere, don't u know that? LOL

Arnon4429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

I was aware from my understanding though, that the SPE's were unable to function without commands from the PPE, meaning that they're unable to perform independent tasks that a regular core could accomplish, correct?

RedDragan4429d ago

Sort of, but that is how all multi-core processors work when you dig deep enough to see how they function. Technically you are correct, but it applies to all processors which more than one core.

There is always a controller or the processor would mess things up by the cores fighting for processes.

Even the dual-Xeon servers work this way. Although two processors, each with multi-core tech... they still need to talk to a controller on the processor to be instructed which processor will do the task and then that controller will tell the processor which core will run it.

Big_Dom4428d ago

Exactly. I see you've as many disagrees as agrees. This site is polluted with so many fan boys who literally have zero clue. I suppose they all still think that 7 SPE's equal cores, and that more cores = a better CPU, which is an absolute nonsense.

BrianG4428d ago

I'm sure they meant the PPE and all 7 SPE's, unless we are to assume the main core in the Cell is stronger than the 3 core CPU in the 360?

But of course we don't, because that would be wrong, which is why it is blatantly obvious that when using the word "core" they are referring to the PPE and SPE's.

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Dante1124428d ago

I'm cool with the mandatory install. Glad I don't have to switch between 3 discs though. Just one disc for me.

_Aarix_4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

Your glad you dont hath to switch discs and i'm glad i dont hath to waste time installing it to the hdd. Everybodys happy :)

zeddy4428d ago

this is just damage limitation for what carmack said about about how the 360 version would be superior. carmack obviously doesnt like the ps3's hardware and he really doesnt hide it.

AKS4428d ago

He called the PS3 the second best console ever made and said he prefers the 360 because of the development tools. He's stated that the PS3 is a bit more powerful with optimization. Having a preference for the 360 doesn't mean he automatically "hates" the PS3.

Persistantthug4428d ago

He does an interview stating he doesn't want to see the Cell Arch again next gen.

Little does he know, that that's EXACTLY what Sony's going to deliver for the PS4 because for all intents and purposes, they are locked into it because they are so heavily invested in the PSN.

So Carmack better start learning the Cell Arch. better than he does now.

And before anyone jumps on me, keep in mind, id had to hire PS3 devs and likely had to lean on them for the PS3 specific programming.

AKS4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )


The Cell architecture itself isn't what makes it difficult to use. The main issue was the small amount of memory made available to each component. That could be addressed in a future version of the Cell should they decide to use that architecture again. They need to provide a big chunk of memory if they want to improve things and make it easier to use for developers.

There's also the issue of the architecture being relatively new. Of course there were few development tools available when they started using the Cell architecture because it was brand new. They couldn't really apply previously existing tools to something that's brand new. This is still somewhat of an issue, but it's much less of an issue now than it was in 2006.

BABY-JEDI4428d ago

Carmack might not like the PS3 architecture, but you can be sure that he wants your money.

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subtenko4428d ago

I rather have nice textures than nasty textures. I'll be picking this up for the ps3.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

WetN00dle694428d ago

Then you should be picking up the PC version.