Lego Star Wars Dev Sold for Over $200M, says U.K. paper

Last week GameDaily reported on the acquisition of TT Games/Traveler's Tales by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. The developer is best known for its popular Lego Star Wars games. In the future, TT Games will apply the Lego theme to Batman and Indiana Jones games.

But how much did Warner Bros. have to cough up to purchase the talented developer? Although financial terms were not disclosed in the original announcement, a new report in the Manchester Evening News suggests that Warner Bros. paid around £100 million, or approximately $206 million.

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xplosneer4930d ago

Other things that have gone on $200 million just doesn't seem like a lot to me.

hitthegspot4930d ago

to get them to make a Clone Wars version of Lego Star Wars?

Charlie26884930d ago

That is like a LOT of Lego bricks XD