PS3 Addict reviews WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

Everyone over 15 knows that wrestling is not a real sport, but a lot of people love it anyway. And they usually love the WWE computer games as well. So SmackDown vs Raw 2008 will be one of the top games this Christmas, even if it sucks as much as real wrestling does.

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BigKev454964d ago

were good back in the day.

Agente474964d ago

Yes, I remember those days.

BSigel814964d ago

I did not know Kurt Angle was in this years game, wow. Cause, I though he was still at TNA.

Jamegohanssj54964d ago

I got the game today and it is pretty darn awesome, some people just can't review games. IGN?

Agente474963d ago

Yeah it's awesome how you can get a wrestler to hang there in the air like gravity doesnt exist. The game is crap, some people just love crappy games.

Jamegohanssj54963d ago

Was this in a ladder match? If so it didn't happen to me yet and by the way you're saying it, it sounds like they didn't fix that from last year. Yukes failed.