Wii Gets The Shaft writes: "Honesty: the only reason we chose to post this at all was the name. We'd like to say we were above obvious phallic puns, or that we cared about VC Fatal Fury players as we would our own children. We'd like to say something vague, faux deep and impossible to defend, like that current hand held controllers have ruined gaming forever, leading us to move into a cave with a massive stock of AAs where we'd only play Tiger racing while living off various fungi. We'd pretty much just like to be bigger people in general. Until that day never comes, if you want to get the shaft, it's $39.95."

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wh0am14931d ago

If i wanted to read articles from Kotaku, I would've gone to kotaku.
This is hardly considered news.
I don't understand why the article is here.

ChickeyCantor4931d ago

not everyone goes to kotaku.