Japan: PS3 Sales Best Wii the Week Before 40 GB is released

When compiling weekly data for Japan, ioi uses a bevy of sources. By Sunday Night (East Coast USA time), both first day data and preliminary weekly data is available for analysis. Taking both into account, here is an early take on how some of the figures will look this week. These figures are not to be taken as gospel, just an early take on approximately where the market will be for the week.

Software sales are quite interesting this week in the preliminary data. Two notable stories will be worth watching this week – the sales of Super Mario Galaxy, and the sales of Mikuni Makoto Unrivaled 5 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Both games seem to be off in the preliminary data, and for those who remember, there was an instance when the data had Simple Series 2000 selling over 1,000,000 units before a correction. If a similar correction is made this week, this article will be updated.

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eagle214964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

this proves that this generation is far from over! See the results in 5 years.

gtgcoolkid4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

36,000 in such a short period of time. I think its Dynasty Warriors. Did you guys hear of the special bundle being sold out?

@below. Yeah alot of retailers are reporting being sold out of the ps3/dynasty warriors bundle according to Famitsu.

Danja4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

nope I actually didn't hear about ne store beign sold out of ne thing regarding the PS3 yet...but I think Dynast Warriors is helping some what and maybe..well the change of color....Great for PS3...isn't it wierd..

Xbox outsold the the PS3 is gonna outsell the Wii...haha


EDIT: ok haven't really been following up the sales of the 40GB in Japan that much...thnx 4 the info though

ruibing4964d ago

The report of 36k came from a single major retailer (this came from another article I read on n4g today), so the actual numbers could be higher.

karlostomy4963d ago

Hey that is astoundingly good news for SONY.
But I hope it is an accurate claim.....

Does anyone have a link to verify this?

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ForROME4964d ago

LOL, nice, however we know for a fact that PS3 is going to pull ahead globally when PS2 owner switch over, even if only 60% come over. they still will be quite a large MOB.

HarryEtTubMan4964d ago

And its not like millions of people that never has a PS2 wont get a PS3 either. PS3 is getting in its right stance... Globally. tHE STANCE OF PWNAGE.

bootsielon4963d ago

I believe 30% would be too generous already. The thing is, 100 million people aren't loyal, and they aren't looking for value, they're looking for cheap sh1t like the Wii, DVD, PS2, DS... :( Just because PS2 > PS1 it doesn't mean PS3 will >PS2 or something similar.

Beren4964d ago

Thx for the news i humbly give my thx :3
I wish to know what is this Mikuni Makoto game about :O

lynx1halo4964d ago


lonestarmt4964d ago

wow passing the wii even for a week is an achievement. If this pans out good job sony, however it most likely will go back to second place, but I imagine the ps3 will have better week to week sales from now on. Just can't wait to see the numbers for ff13, MGS4, white knight story, and devil may cry 4. If they would just hurry those games up!!! ( nah I rather them make sure they are great before they come out, but still its driving me crazy!!!)

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