Surfer Girl: Jade Empire II, Everquest PS3, God the Game, and more

Surfer Girl has scoops on Jade Empire II, Everquest PS3, God the Game, Night Driver, Canyon Bomber, and Crystal Castles, and Band of Brothers/The Pacific game.

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nupes984931d ago

I am excited about Jade Empire 2. I hope that rumor is true

TheHater4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

The first game for the xbox was a really good Western RPG. I can't wait for the sequel

Edit: Typo

jackdoe4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Xbot? You mean Xbox right? Typo or blatant hatred?

-edit- Jeez, three disagrees for this? Fanboys are so sad.

JsonHenry4931d ago

Who is surfer girl? Has anything she stated come true as of yet?

I am not trying to discount her (more than likely a "him"), I just don't know anything about her.

evyrew4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

A futuristic themed Jade Empire would be awesome. Let's hope that the rumor is true. I thought that Jade Empire II got canned in favor of Mass Effect, guess not. I hope that Surfer Girl is right :)

AznSniper4931d ago

She did announce Brutal Legend before anyone even knew about it except the developers of course.

TheHater4931d ago

sorry about that...It was a typo

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Quickshot4931d ago

Until a rumour materialises from this goddam site, can we not use it.Its always guesswork claimed as confirmation and insider knowledge.I'm sick of seeing things clogged up with blog posts parading as news.

jackdoe4931d ago

Does anyone believe "Surfer Girl"?

Darkiewonder4931d ago

He has a sexy tan line [From the picture I saw]. :o

Tomorrow's New, Will be about NCSoft and Ressurecting an OLD SEGA and CAPCOM Franchise!

Wii60PS3DSPSP4931d ago

Guys guys Sega is comming back to make a new console! You heard it first from the Surfer Girl!

vilmer4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Dreamcast 2 - 9/9/09

Caxtus7504931d ago

why the fuuk does everyone believe her??

What position is able to know news on every developer and major company?? NONE!

"She" also seems to know anything you ask her. FFS people I think she is taking the piss....

The_Engineer4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

have no idea who she is and her long track record for accurate "predictions".... all the idiots on here hating are doing that because she doesn't give the 360 felatio or written an obituary for the very much alive and kicking PS3.

sorry gayspray, I know what forum she posts in and have been there for a few years myself. If you don't know then that just shows what xbot NOOBS frequent this site.

kspraydad4931d ago

with links to all of SG's accurate predictions... can't.

The ONLY reason SG gets any traction is because of 14 year old gamers getting hard ons thinking there is a 'girl' out there that likes games.

Caxtus7504931d ago

you are the idiot.

Sony know as much about MS and Nintendo as we do and vice versa. So how does she know EVERYTHING? She can answer ANY question and even things relating to Hollywood. Please, tell me how?

I will happily admit i am wrong if you can give me some proof and evidence.

Skerj4931d ago

Actually if you read her blog comments when people ask her stuff, there are quite a few times where she'll say she doesn't know something or hasn't heard about it.

Kholinar4931d ago

"Actually if you read her blog..."

That's my biggest problem. I don't see how a random blog is news anymore than anonymous forum posts or messageboards. She (if it's really a she, which I doubt) is racking up a lot of hits that can translate into revenue in the future (if it already hasn't).

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