Strong Call of Duty 4 Perfomance To Lift Activision Holiday

With Call of Duty 4 tracking well ahead of expectations and, in many cases, selling out at retail, the game is well poised to drive Activision sales through the holiday season. "This title was already expected to do well but our channel checks indicate this title may be tracking even ahead of the high expectations," said analyst Arvind Bhatia in a note to investors. "Our checks indicate the game has been selling extremely well on all consoles and was sold out in the vast majority of stores we checked," he added. "At most, a few copies were available at approximately 10% of the stores. Retailers also indicated they expect to continue to sell out of the title in the near term as new shipments arrive."

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vaan4964d ago

I have been glued to the online this week on this game, it's amazing. It's so realistic its almost creepy. Death cam rules.
A tip to level up faster. Play Headquarters more. It's a great point accumulator.

damnwrx4964d ago

Is a great awesome g.a.m.e.
Next will be to get juiced up for some nectar.....

akaFullMetal4963d ago

right now im enjoying the single player, havent played mp yet, hope its as good as the single player