Alienware's Area-51 ALX CF the first to use 45nm processors

Well, that didn't take long, just a few hours after Intel confirmed that those hot new 45nm Penryn processors are shipping, Alienware blasted out a press release announcing the Area-51 ALX CF, the first machine to use the new chips. The QX9650-equipped machines can be ordered overclocked up to 4.0GHz, and Alienware also bumped the graphics to dual CrossFire ATI Radeon HD 3870 cards. All that power won't come cheap, though the CF line starts at $5499.

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OOG FunK4933d ago

yeowch the price to be on the bleeding edge

KINGDRAMA4933d ago

you know...u can build this yourself for like 4k

hitthegspot4933d ago

How long before Dell adds the chip to their other systems?

KINGDRAMA4933d ago

i went to their site, and one of these hooked up is well close to 10k....

i figure with all the premium components i can build this myself for like 6-7k....thats a 30 percent profit off msrp.

BUT since THEYRE GETTING WHOLESALE PRICES..........i expect alienware is making each machine for 50% of what they charge a customer.

uhhhhhhh dell haas no business in the high end gamer section. their xps support team consists of people that dont know squat about system troubleshooting. Just go to their forums and youll see plenty of people with a xps720 that doesnt work. their warranties are good though.....too bad their high end systems suck.

Guardian0fPeace4933d ago

They are total n00bs at making computers, bet the whole company (except alienware) are still taking classes about how to build computers. They should just have the alienware people take over.

HP is sooo much better than Dell (but who isn't?). If Dell were ever to try and make their own console to go up against xbox and playstation, I'd lmao. Now if HP or Apple were to join in the console war, things would get real interesting...