Halo 3 Soundtrack Released

Sumthing Else Music Works announced that the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is now available at U.S. retailers and as a digital download from the Sumthing Else Digital site, features all the music from the Xbox 360 game that released on November 20.

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Bonsai12144929d ago

i'll acquire the the soundtrack in some other manner... but i actually really like halo music. its not the best i've heard, but its definitely up there.

the menu theme had so much impact with the first halo, and anytime anyone hears it, they instantly connect it with Halo... - its that good.

AuburnTiger4929d ago

Apparently the audio was recorded in cassette but was upscaled to CD quality.

Xi4929d ago

analog > digital in terms of quality, cassettes have higher quality than cd's which is why radio stations use cassettes for recordings. Records have the best quality.

AuburnTiger4928d ago

Well hell, we should come out with an in-dash record player for our cars then.

MasterChief28294929d ago

Wow. They said Halo 3 comes out November 20th and that the soundtrack is out now. It's the other way around; the soundtrack comes out on the 20th and the game is out now. >_>

mumarkz4929d ago

I like the music from the game - not sure I would crank it while driving though.

Xi4929d ago

just going through the samples on the ost website, great music.

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