VGchartz October & NPD October Hardware and Software Expectations: Xbox 360 outsells Wii Again

VGchartz has published their latest sales expectations for the month of October. Regarding hardware sales, they had this to say:

"Despite declining sales from the Halo 3 boost, Vgchartz is showing Xbox 360 ahead of Wii for this four week period. It is worth noting that on a weekly basis (week one to week four) however, 360 sales declined 10%, while Wii sales increased from the 40% from the week ending October 13th to the week ending November 3. DS and PSP remain spectacular and solid as well, while PS3 showed an increase in sales for the first full week of $500 80 gig's availability. However, the boost was barely enough to propel the system above the PS2 which is stabilizing at 35k to 45k per week until the holiday boosts kick in."

Total Console Sales for October,

Xbox 360 - 564,796
DS - 550,399
Wii - 512,477
PSP - 305,017
PS3 - 156,128
PS2 - 150,182
GBA - 61,932

Top 10 Video Games for October,

1. Guitar Hero 3 (360) - 798,671
2. Halo 3 (360) - 682,813
3. Half Life 2 (360) - 423,587
4. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) - 284,565
5. Guitar Hero 3 (Wii) - 271,053
6. Wii Play (Wii) - 262,332
7. Guitar Hero 3 (PS2) - 254,596
8. Fifa 08 (PS2) - 166,068
9. Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (PSP) - 161,479
10. Ace Combat 6 (360) - 156,145

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bluebrad19744931d ago

Assuming these numbers are close, 360 should hit 15 mil by the end of the year.

fe104931d ago

360 it's the consolo to own.

chester4931d ago

there should really be a "not official until confirmed with NDP numbers" on all vgchartz articles, just to stop the countless posts forethcoming about the validity of VG.

i'll wait until the ndp, but if these numbers are close, good for the 360 and i can't believe they sold over a 1/4 of a million copies of GH3 for the ps2. not that it's bad or the ps2 is out or anything, and i know there are about a billion ps2's out there, but still.

EZCheez4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

wrong post

waltercross4931d ago

I'm gonna wait before I buy a 360, I already own a PS3, but I'm gonna wait until I'm certain that the 360's RROD is fixed.

TheMART4931d ago

Uh it is fixed already.

Repaired 360's since this summer come back with an extra heatsink on the GPU, as are new builds after summer.

But wow, even a month after Halo 3 launched in September, the 360 is still on top with over a half million units sold if I read this right in USA alone. I am impressed.

PS3 WHAT??? 156k? WTF with that price drop already? Jees. PS3 is officially not catching up. 360 was on 12 mln. around july/august, so with August, September and October combined, November and December to go (and we know last december the 360 sold 2.1 mln. units, was that in USA alone or world wide I forgot...), damn... THey'll reach 15 mln. without any problems. They could hit even 17 mln. this year.

EZCheez4931d ago

But I returned it after about 5 days. It was cool to have both systems but all I could think about was all the great games I could buy for my PS3 with $350. Now I have R&C, Guitar Hero 3 (never played any before but it is awesome), COD4, and I will be getting Assassin's Creed and Uncharted within the next two weeks. All of those games accumulate to around $340, so I feel really good about what I did.

It's not that I didn't like the 360. I really wanted Mass Effect but I decided I would live. Live looked pretty awesome, but after I downloaded about 7 or 8 demos and I only had 3 or 4 Gb's left on the hard drive, I felt a little shorted. What good is an amazing online like Live if you only give most of your consumers 20Gb's? Also, as far as the build goes, my PS3 made the 360 look like some Apple IIe computer. What's with the huge power brick? That thing is almost half the size of the console!

I'll stop ranting now, but what i'm getting at is if you have a PS3 (or a 360 for that matter) think of all the great games you could get for your current console with that money before you buy another one.

YoMeViet4931d ago

err if MS did fixed the RROD wouldn't you think they would have made a big announcement about it?

Devr4931d ago

Of course they wouldn't. Because according to MS, it never existed to begin with. :P

dantesparda4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

That was shipped back to me on July 22nd, doesnt have the extra heatsink in it (i can see right into it where it's supposed to be and see that its not there) and it's been freezing up and disc read erroring on me since day one i got it. So you're wrong kid! So try again with that bullsh!t and your assumptions

ruibing4931d ago

The Falcon 360 is still not fixed, go dig up that kotaku article on the new RRoD. I believe the failure rate has been reduced, but hardly fixed for the new series of 360s.

Icecold334931d ago

@dantesparda - I got mine back in June and it does have the larger heat sink in it. It also has a different DVD drive. Runs Great, so there is some validity to what he is saying.

@EzCheez - Seems to me that you are actually too broke to own both systems. Although you had the money and bought the 360, the reason that you have buyers remorse is because you were broke again after buying it. As for all those games, a smarter way to have done that would have been to buy one game, beat it, then buy another one. You would definitely feel the money pinch a lot less. I mean, why buy 5-6 games at once, there's no way you would have time to play them all.

As for the demos that filled up your HD, I guess we are different, I tend to download a demo or two, play it til I've had enough, then delete it. Because by then, I know whether or not I want to buy the actual game. Perhaps, you should do the demos the same way as I suggested you did the game purchases, download a couple and play them instead of downloading a bunch of stuff that you're not going to have time to play. (It's not like there's going anywhere or costing you anything)

Anyway, different strokes for different folks, It's pretty clear that we see things differently. Oh, and the power brick is suppose to be put behind the TV or wall unit whichever you're using, this way the size of it doesn't become a factor while sitting next to your xbox. Don't know why people whine about the power brick, really is pointless you know.

EZCheez4931d ago


You said I was broke! That's funny. So because I'm not satisfied with a product I'm broke? That's comin from all the way from left field is you ask me.

If you would have actually read my post unbiasedly rather than consider it a knock on the 360, you would realize that the games I bought for the same amount I paid for my 360 I considered a better deal. But I guess that point flew right over your head.

I understand though. You probably don't own a PS3 so you wouldn't understand. Way to dissect my comment and give your own opinion about everything I said though. I don't exactly see the point of it, espcially since you obviously don't see where i'm coming from, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Real Gambler4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

In my case I have many friends who visit me regularly. Not all of them own a PS3. And I have only about 8 games so far. So I kept most demos from the games I don't own on my hard disk because even if they don't own a PS3 yet, they know the games. So when they come over for the first time, it's always: "Do you have this game, or that game?" So sure, if I have it they can play it, but it's also nice if they ask for one and I can start the demo. I have an 60Gig PS3. Only 10Gig left and it's only demos!. So sure enough, I'll have to start clearing up some demos soon. Luckily most of my friends have seen them by now. Still, I'm pretty sure one will drop by and want to try an old one as soon as I delete it... So for me, even 60Gig is not enough... I'm even thinking about buying a bigger hard drive now.

Last nice side effect: Friend who's not a gamer at all, come to your place and ask you why I bought a PS3 since he "somehow" heard there was no games for it... Show him my stack of games, and then boot the PS3 and show him 50gig of demos... Usually, after they pick up their jaw from the floor, they don't go around saying the PS3 has no game anymore : )

Icecold334931d ago


I guess saying you were broke was a poor choice of words. I just know that if I was to buy something, and thought back on what I could have bought with the money then I probably should have never bought it in the first place.

I tend to weigh the pros and cons for all the purchases I make, and before I would have bought a 360, though about the games I could have bought for my PS3, I would have done so from the beginning and never bought the 360 from the start. But, then again, perhaps you were curious about the 360 I don't know.

Either way, I apologize if it appeared that I was judging you, because that's wasn't the case.

@Real Gambler - as for you, I have all the friends I need. And most of my friends are well capable of buying whatever they want. Even then, I'm not going to fill up my hard drive with a bunch of demos so that they would be there when my friends show up, just incase they want to play a demo. And to answer your question, I do have a PS3 (And a 360). I'm glad that your friends are in awe of your PS3 and the 45 gig+ of demos that you have. I don't have 8 games for my PS3 yet and that's because I am very very picky as to what I buy and what I play. And without sounding like I am taking a shot at the PS3 (Which I'm not) I haven't found 8 games on the PS3 yet that I would like to own. But that may change very soon with the coming line-up.

So, good for you that you are impressing your buddies with your 8 games and your 30 demos. I own 4 ps3 games (RFOM, R/C, MS, and Warhawk) and only 1 demo (Uncharted) I also have a few PSN downloaded games, but that's it.

But, it doesn't matter, I don't buy games nor download demos for my friends, they either play what I have or buy their own.

dantesparda4928d ago

Im not saying that no 360 has the heatsink. And i wouldnt doubt if by now (11/17/07) they (the replacements) all do (have the heatsink). But he thinks that they all did since then, and says it like its a definite thing. And its not, and the im proof of that. And i too got a quieter drive in this one. But the damn thing has disc read errors. Also my roommate got one in August with the HDMI on it. And he has the super loud Hitachi drive, another thing that alot of the fanboys where saying doesnt happen anymore.

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004931d ago

halo 3 is still selling strong.

waltercross4931d ago

I Would expect Halo 3 to sell strong even now, Just Like Mario for Wii does, I Expect KZ2 to sell for along time for the PS3 as well, Mario, Halo and KZ2 are console sellers.

rubarb234931d ago

i wouldn't be surprised to see halo 3's number go up. i can't wait for the numbers to roll in after xmas to see who won.

ShiftyLookingCow4931d ago

I would put my bets on MGS4 more than KZ2. It will outsell KZ2 by a large margin.

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