Lair to use tilt control

More News come into light upon one of the PS3's most promising titles LAIR Not Due out Till Next Year Summer at earliest has now opt to take advantage of the PS3's 6 axis Motion sensing tilt Controller functionality. (guess Warhawk and Blazing angles arn't the only air based games that will

"According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the kids over at Factor 5 are working on making Lair compatible with the controller as well. The controller's tilt-sensors will be used to directly control your dragon"

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Phlapp5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

LOL this is an hour old and I'm the first to post!
This game has tilt control???

Who cares!

European exPS3 buyer!

P.S. its soo empty in here it echo's

DJ5863d ago

Anyway, Scrivener said this would be a Summer 07 release and utilize tilt control for the dragons. Apparently he was right about the whole ground combat aspect as well.

So far every one of his predictions is coming true.

andy capps5863d ago

Haha, so true. Somehow I doubt that he was actually going to buy a PS3 in the first place. Personally, I don't see how a delay would affect my decision which console to get either way, if I'm set on getting something, then I'm going to get it regardless.

You're right about Scrivener. A lot of people have accused him of being a fanboy, and while he may be, everything that he has said has come true.

The Real Deal5863d ago

Told me that the hype for the ps3 has died down considerably. He said no one even asks anymore about the games or if they can pre order. He said Madden, Saints Row, and Dead Rising have been selling in mass amounts along with new 360's. Sony's over confidence is killing it slowly and painfully. People just don't care anymore. And with it being over half a grand its easier not to care and shrug it off.

By the way. This game look interesting. When more gameplay is shown I will consider getting it. Riding dragons seems fun.

THE TRUTH5863d ago

No one gives a damn about your cousin at EB games, your always coming here with that BS! Like your local EBgames shows us the Big picture to what most gamers are thinking, besides anyone can say some shyt like that man!

He said Madden, Saints Row, and Dead Rising have been selling in mass amounts along with new 360's.

show us some official numbers man not he said she said shyt

Bishop5863d ago

What does the 360 truly offer in its games. Still stripped down Madden 07, Saints Row "a game similar to the GTA series but not as good", Prey, a short FPS that isn't close to being as good as Halo, Half Life or F.E.A.R., a horrible mech game, a bad over g fighters game, a zombie game "that kills some peoples 360's" etc. The machine has a few good games but even thoose wear thin after a short period of time. The 360 needs the PS3 give its devlopers a kick in the a#* so that maybe they will work harder for that extra $10 they charge for each game.

THE TRUTH5863d ago

Scrivener... so far what he has said has came true! If he is right about the rest of the stuff the delay will be a HUGE afterthought.

Anyways PSP was delayed in UK and those same gamers bought PSP at an record rate. Only time will tell, but after have time to deal with the news and play some 360 I can honestly say I want my PS3 because the 360 isn't Next-Gen enough for me!

GamerX25863d ago

the us and jap are safe...ps3 will be released and everything

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