Analysts: Wii To Overtake 360, PS3 To Struggle In October NPD

Though the September release of Halo 3 saw Xbox 360 sales push just past those of the Wii, the analysts have said that despite hardware shortages, Nintendo's console will regain its top slot. Pachter has predicted 450,000 Wiis sold to simExchange's 467,000, ahead of their Xbox 360 predictions of 325,000 and 412,000.

Both Pachter and Divnich see PS3 in last place with 125,000 and 136,000 units sold respectively, despite the 80GB model's recent price drop to $499.

Divnich says of the latter that Sony still may struggle with first party game sales, as its market predictions have only put Ratchet at 131,000 units, lower than Heavenly Sword's 139,000.

"This comes as a huge disappointment as critics have scored Ratchet & Clank much higher than Heavenly Sword. The prediction market's expectations helps emphasize the markets concern over the software attachment rate of PS3 software titles," concluded Divnich.

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Naruto4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

bu bu but the halo

i own all cosoles but wasn't halo 3 was supposed stop the wii for gaining on the 360 for a little while

Dannagar4933d ago

Who put that crap in your head. However many Wii's Nintendo puts out will sell out. At no point in time has anyone claimed that Halo 3 would stop the Wii. No one (except you I guess) would make such a stupid claim.

BrianC62344933d ago

The PS3 is selling like gangbusters. Struggle? I think not. And with the great games coming out now sales will only grow. PS3 is on a roll now. Microsoft and Nintendo, watch out. Your days are numbered.

ericnellie4933d ago

I love my PS3 but, this type of news is extremely troubling. Fanboys can keep saying wait for the good games, just wait but, when you see really good games like Ratchet & Clank and Heavenly Sword sell so low...this just can't be good news for Sony. I'm not sure what the hell is going on.
First it was -- wait for motorstorm, then wait for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, then wait for Lair, then wait for Heavenly Sword, then Wait for Ratchet and it's Drakes Fortune? I just don't understand why PS3 games aren't selling more:( Anyone have any theories??

Real Gambler4933d ago

Those are prediction, not the real numbers.

They only talk about the 80gig model, but not the 40gig model, which came out in october... Quite silly.

And remember, they are anal_yst... Example: ""This comes as a huge disappointment as critics have scored Ratchet & Clank much higher than Heavenly Sword." Score doesn't mean much... Only reason Heavenly Sword got a lower score is because it was short. Otherwise, it's still a game to beat on many level. But anal_yst would not know that even if some claim they play games...

Wait for the real numbers...

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Danja4933d ago

haha look at the xbots approving this funny

Bladestar4933d ago

but the articles seem to only praise the wii...

Danja4933d ago

I made this comment b4 it was actually approved ok..and almost everyone who approved it is a 360 fanboy like urself..

Close_Second4933d ago

...Sony must be quietly concerned about the lack of traction after two PS3 price cuts over the past 6 months and the introduction of a new 40GB model. Will be interesting to see what happens over Xmas with the release of UTIII and Uncharted.

I have to say I hate this nonsense about 100 million PS2 owners waiting to upgrade to the PS3. Who says they are waiting to upgrade? maybe they already have but to the Wii. I also reckon that most of the 100 million PS2 owners won't be going out and buying multiple consoles as they are not hardcore gamers. Once they have the Wii thats probably it for them for a while at least. And maybe they will remain loyal to the Wii and will now wait for the Wii-2 before making another jump...

Last gen, the PS2 offered the best games. Sure the Xbox had some good AAA titles but nothing that could compete with the shear calibre and diversity of games available on the PS2. This gen its a different story. The PS3 needed at least 3 AAA exclusives over the past 12 months. Unfortunately 2 of them failed to get that AAA recognition (Lair, Heavenly Sword). However, Ratchet & Clank might be AAA but its not a system seller when that system is still priced to attract hardcore gamers only.

Upcoming releases on the PS3 are looking fantastic and there is no doubt they will start to attract some attention. However, the PS3 is still too expensive for casual gamers who currently own a PS2. Selling the PS3 as the swiss army knife of home entertainment (to give it value for money appeal) is certainly not the answer as it was not what the PS2 could do over and above playing games that made it such a success. I thought Sony would have learnt their lesson after they released their PSX.

TheHater4933d ago

Where the hell are all these article about sales this and that coming up lately?

Danja4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

from one of bloodmask favorite pro 360 site

VG charts...

dragunrising4933d ago

Master Chief just farted in your face...bare a$$

Equinoxe_74933d ago

They forgot, R&C ToD is not yet released in Europe

resistance1004933d ago

Yes it is. Lair isn't however

SWORDF1SH4933d ago

R&c and lair was released last friday in the uk

DeckUKold4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

what methods do they use are they psychics i can get paid for saying ps3 sell 200,000 and it might actually sells a million so this is just nonsense

Beren4933d ago

They predict asking Bloodmask :P
But well i hope that this nonsense war ends (for all formats, games and consoles):O

YoMeViet4933d ago

The magic 8 ball never lies.

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