Best Buy to offer hot PS3 deal on Black Friday

Best Buy stores this year will offer a hot deal for Sony Corp.'s 40GB Playstation 3 hardware on Black Friday, the annual shopping day after Thanksgiving.

According to advanced circulars, the retailer will offer the 40GB PS3 SKU with a copy of NBA '08 and Open Season on Blu-ray disc for $399 on Nov. 23 and Nov. 24.

In addition to the PS3 hardware, the retailer will offer EA's Madden NFL 07 for $9.99 on Fri. and Sat.

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QUNE4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

You can walk into KMart right now, get their 20% off coupon and walk out of there with a 40GB for $ 320.00. It works.

EDIT: KMart is sold out just about everywhere also. Offer good 11/11 to 11/17

MrSwede4930d ago

That´s a really good offer but I thought KMart wasn´t going to sell Blu-Ray players anymore :).

remix4930d ago

it'll be enough to keep them in the race and then to start selling the most monthly by febuary 08

Danja4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I think Sony has already sold more PS3's that what the media was saying about it beign doomed huh...Sony is just getting started remember is not a sprint it's marathan why bother start sprinitng so early in the race..then when you reach half..everyone else catches up with you cause you exhausted all ur resources *coughs* M$

TheHater4930d ago

Wait, Madden 07 is $9.99? Why would people actually buy that game?

hahahabutt4930d ago

I have no idea who would, guess they still have them( Madden 07), At my Best Buy in Orlando Florida, There way over stock of PS3. They have them all over the floors trough out the store. Its sick. 40 gigs and 80. Maybe thats why there having the sale. to move units.

TheHater4930d ago

The samething was happening at my local Bestbuy. But yesterday when I we there to buy another Nintendo DS. there was only around 6 or 7 total ps3 compare to 18 to 20 ps3 the following Thursday. So the ps3 is selling, but it is not selling out

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The story is too old to be commented.