The 10 Sexiest Girls & Guys in Video Game History

Dorkly: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the chances of you meeting porn star Jenna Haze, supermodel Heidi Klum, or actress Eva Longoria to do the nasty in real life are slim to none. That’s why we have pictures on the Internet and locks on our bedroom doors. But there is another upside to this fact we nerds can use to our advantage: if anyone thought your unhealthy obsession over that infamous Lara Croft nude hack made you creepy, feel free to point out that your chances of meeting the shapely Ms. Croft are just about the same as those mentioned above.

In other words, it’s totally cool to fantasize about fictional people. And I’m gonna add some fuel to that fire of passion with this sultry list of sexy video game characters. Bow chicka wow wow!

gw4k4430d ago

I didn't see a single dude in those photos. Seriously, pretty sure it was all female! Tee Heee!

jacksheen00004429d ago

I don't blame him...if it's a Guy that wrote this article. If so, he probably don't want to give off the wrong impressions if you know what i mean.

Here my list...

Lara Croft-tomb raiders

Aya Brea- Parasite Eve

Chun Li - Street Fighter

Orchid - Killer Instinct

Taki – Soul Caliber

SovereignSnaKe4429d ago

-Snake is always On these Lists, Sooooo Handsome! :D

perfectCarbonara4429d ago

Should've had Elena on 1 She's sexy in that girl next door kinda way. Would be funny, if all the sexy, hot Uncharted people were in the top 3.


New Metal Gear Solid Merch Stealthily Approaches

A whole host of new Metal Gear Solid merch is now available from Merchoid, including coins, bottles and keycard replicas.

aaronaton98d ago

Unofficial fake trash. Worthless

CDbiggen98d ago

I've seen better on Etsy tbh

Rebel_Scum98d ago

"coins, bottles and keycard replicas"

And no cardboard boxes! smdh

90d ago

Xbox’s Perfect Dark Reboot Is Still Years Away

Years of setbacks have stalled development on the new Perfect Dark, and while it’s well underway now, we may have to wait a while yet.

italiangamer99d ago

This game project is going perfectly dark


lelo2play99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

The Initiative in 5 years have nothing.
How come Microsoft hasn't disbanded them?

Jin_Sakai99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

That’s because Microsoft likes there hands off approach.

Look at Minecraft... We’re 3 years into current gen and still playing the Xbox One and PS4 version. Still no 4k, no 120fps, no Ray-Tracing, and no graphics updates whatsoever. Coming from a studio with over 600 employees.

Reaper22_99d ago

The Last Guardian took 10 years to make. In fact a whole generation passed before it was released. Playstation gamers were still OK with it. As long as Perfect Dark comes out good im sure xbox gamers will be OK with it.

StormSnooper99d ago

MS is busy rebranding Multiplatform games as xbox exclusive. They can't be bothered with making games.

tay870199d ago

@reaper you forget playstation closed japan studio's not long after? Japan studios were awesome but you can't have development cycles last that long.

Crows9099d ago

Microsoft doesnt know how to make good games. The initiative will fail. They've probably restarted the project at least once already.

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Lightning7799d ago

The rumor was they're working on the next Tombraider at Square so PD is somewhat on the back burner now. Apparently TR will release before PD.

RpgSama99d ago

I hope you are joking...

Square sold Tomb Raider IP like 2 years ago.

Lightning7799d ago

I meant Crystal Dynamics apologies for that.

Lightning7799d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@Fire Im a heat magnet of downvote. Which is a good thing because it means ppl are paying attention to my words and findings.

My mistake here gives them an actual reason to downvote.

Nobody agrees, but everyone knows I'm right about these things. The more heat and downvotes the better for me actually.

All they're doing is validating the facts and logics. That's all I need so it's working.

Downvote away validate my comments lol

Sonic188199d ago (Edited 99d ago )

You mean Embracer group? Crystal Dynamics is own by them now

Godmars29099d ago


Wonder if that was the billion dollar deal that's apparently tanked them.

Ashunderfire8699d ago

You all know what the guy means you don't have to disagree alot lol

Flawlessmic99d ago

well it makes sense for CD to focus on there own ip's first and foremost.

there a talented studio so im sure they will make a great PD game when it actually does release

RupeeHoarder99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

They might as well save it for next console launch.

TheKingKratos99d ago

Good, Xbox fanboys kids and grandkids will have Xbox own games to play in the future then.