Sony exits future Cell development

Gamespot:The Cell processor has been both a boon and a burden for Sony. The high-octane processor at the heart of the PlayStation 3 has given Sony's console a competitive edge in performance potential for the current generation of gaming hardware. However, its development has also inflicted a significant dent on the Japanese electronics giant's bottom line, costing Sony approximately $1.7 billion alone, according to recent estimates by financial news service Bloomberg.

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Armyless4935d ago

"This week, Nikkei reports that Sony plans to cease participation in the Cell processor's future iterations. Along with partners IBM and Toshiba, Sony has been researching 32nm and 45nm successors to the Cell processor, which is currently made using a 65nm process--an improvement from the original 90nm process. Sony is currently in negotiations with IBM and Toshiba on the exact date and terms of the pullout. The two reportedly plan to continue development on the chips."

games4fun4935d ago

they are just making smaller version of it woopdido, they are pulling out of the bigger version and making a much smaller version it will save them a lot a money on future cell implementations, but the articles title is very misleading and in fact false,

they are continuing development they just are breaking away from developing with IBM and Toshiba to make an even smaller version lol

Close_Second4935d ago

This to me says that Sony is pulling out of investing money in developing future iterations of the Cell. I certainly did not get the impression that Sony were ditching the 65nm Cell so they could focus on smaller iterations.

Now that Sony has sold its processing plant to Toshiba, where exactly were Sony going to build these smaller Cell chips?

ruibing4935d ago

Well if they want to reduce overheads, they can just buy the chips from the IBM fab in NY.

ShiftyLookingCow4935d ago

makes me wonder what Sony is planning for PS4(yeah its about 5-6 years away, but usually work on next console begins as soon as the prev is launched). it would be kind of ironic if the next Xbox uses the second iteration of IBM's Cell technology.

The Snake4935d ago

I doubt they would do that. Microsoft is all about being developer friendly. It's their biggest advantage, aside from the near limitless funding they have.

ShiftyLookingCow4934d ago

yeah I dont think so either. But maybe PS3 works like a training ground of sorts for Cell programming and MS is willing to be a little risky. Anyways that is just wild speculation on my part. MS probably is going to stick with PowerPC multi-core processors(more than 3 cores and some better features maybe) and a powerful GPU.

gamesblow4935d ago

We have to remember who the new CEO is, guys. Kaz isn't a Hardware developer. Ken was. Ken was the lead man with all these crazy ass processors and stuff. Kaz doesn't ahve the 1st clue what this stuff is about. He's a software guy. He is in the software business and has been since he joined up with Sony. Do your research. It's only common place that Sony would look for a new route for their next system, since Kaz is obviously not the man for the job. I look for the Ps4 to be little more than the Ps3 with integrated Ram and HDD's we can swap out ourselves. This will save Sony millions/billions. Dev's will make the games with the lowest common denominator in mind, but allow the freedom for us to upgrade specs for their software.

That's what I believe the Ps4 is going to be. Sure we might have new nuances... like controllers and peripherals but in the end... It's going to be a user defined machine. Wait and see.

PS360PCROCKS4935d ago

Uh no you're wrong. Game consoles are made to exact specs so that development is easy to develop for ONE system, not tons, and we already swap out HDD's. If you want a "machine to upgrade" buy a PC.

gamesblow4935d ago

hah, no... you're gonna be wrong. You think consoles still have the same integrity that they did even 5 years ago, don't you? Man... times are changing and it seems like you're lost in the loop. Consoles are fastly becoming computers right now. What the hell do you think the next gen is going to bring? I bet, this is just me... computers in a console case and marketing. Wait and see.

Fisher3394935d ago


Being able to swap out the HDD on the ps3 is a great move by sony.

Different HD's for the most part wont affect developers when making games for ps3, but allow the use to exspand as bigger drives become available

Danja4935d ago

amd you think that Ken Kutaragi and Sony don't communicate ne more huh..? im sure Ken will have a say in the PS4 development how do we know he isn't just focussing on that..? ne ways he already stated he already had ideas for the PS4....

and Kaz and Ken actually communicate ..!!

Malkier4935d ago

HDD swapping is already a feature, but they wont be like PC's with upgradable ram etc. The game developers are already complaing about the Xbox360 not having HDD as standard. It means they cant create a game using the HDD because not all consoles have them.
I do disagree with the HDD situation on the Xbox360 due to the fact that the N64 had an expansion upgrade, game developers made some feature unavailable for those that didn't have it.

PS360PCROCKS4934d ago

No I am not "lost in the loop" but I can tell you I have thought about that as well that ram could be upgradeable in consoles etc etc and it would make sense. But the fact is if this was done consoles wouldn't be consoles, they would be computers, and why would we need 2 computers? It makes financial and complete sense to keep consoles as a standard model and let companies do with it what they can accomplish.

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fredy4935d ago

but why..

Was it a mistake to put it into the PS3?

I thought the cell was the next-gen of CPU's, apparently not.


gamesblow4935d ago

The cell was Ken's Kuturagi's vision.. Not Kaz or Sony's as a whole. You have to understand when the shift in managment came, so did a shift in the development of their hardware and software. We can't look at cell and see no yeilds right now, cause it's only a year old to the consumer market. When price drops I'm sure Toshiba will be more than happy to sustain its life and in turn, maybe Sony will buy the new cell chips from Toshiba. You're looking at 1 side of the coin here.

The bad one.

Sony got out of Cell dev to save money and let someone else foot the bill. Simple as that. We don't know "fully" what sony will do. I know Kaz isn't the man to make hardware, like Ken was though.

games4fun4935d ago

read the first post and my reply the title of the article is misleading just goes to show that trolls cant read either.

jack who4935d ago

oh shoot it over now bye cell.... ps4?

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