PSN Payload: Launch Dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, Sideway: New York

Guten Tag from gamescom! Sony Online Entertainment kicked off the first day with three of our newest PSN titles – Rochard, PAYDAY: The Heist and Sideway: New York. These latest games will engage you in graffiti adventures, environmental puzzlers and high intensity bank robberies, and will launch early this fall on the PlayStation Network via digital download.

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just_looken3631d ago

PAYDAY: The Heist will be available October 4th for download on PSN for $19.99

$20 for a psn title hmm must have alot of content.

Miiikeyyy3631d ago

The Heist looks awesome, But the price might put me off

FACTUAL evidence3631d ago

If it has a platinum trophy I'll buy it for 20$ easily.

LOGICWINS3631d ago

$20 is a steal for 6 different missions and upgradable weapons/abilities. Its launching too close to UC3 though. This should have been launched THIS month.

M-Easy3631d ago

It's confirmed to have a platinum trophy. $20 is a good deal for a L4D type robbery game. It also has what Logic said.

RustInPeace3631d ago

Hope they do the first week discount for Plus members. I have $16 in my wallet, so I'm not rushing to get another $20 card. Hope it comes out to 14.99 or so, then its a first day purchase. I need to see some vids before I really make up my mind

NewMonday3631d ago

i will get it for free after buying the PLAY promotion. and with PSN+ i saved about 35$ on 5 games.

Dramscus3631d ago

Day one. HELL NO.

I'm gonna pre order that on Sept 20.

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KingSlayer3631d ago

Let's hope it's as good as it looks. $20 could be off-putting to some.

mr_epsym_knird3631d ago

That's awesome but I might get it later.

akiraburn3631d ago

Rochard and Payday will both definitely be pre-orders through the PLAY program for me. Sideway I would probably be interested in, however the price seems a little high given the content. Even though it's the same price as Payday, it seems like Payday will offer a larger and longer experience with more replay value, especially since it incorporates four player co-op and as the article mentions it will end up also having DLC missions down the line.

Sideway seems like a fun platformer/puzzle-style game which I'd be fine dropping $10 on, but $20 is just a bit much for me, and it seems like they would miss their general interested audience, even with the PS+ pre-order discount bringing it down to $16. I could be wrong, but I suppose time will tell though.

KingSlayer3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Sideway is $9.99

EDIT: Anytime!

akiraburn3631d ago

Ah weird, I must have misread it. I could have sworn it initially said $19.99. Thanks for mentioning that, and I'll most likely be grabbing that as well now.

strange19863631d ago

With the recent trend of $15 games, I'm pleasantly surprised to see Sideways and Rochard at $10. Hell yeah.