Square Enix Has "No Plans" to Rebrand. "Enix" is Going to Stay

Today Robert Peeler, Community Manager of Final Fantasy XIV confirmed that the rebranding rumor is indeed just a rumor, and the “Enix” part of the brand is going to stay.

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knifefight3533d ago

Not like it would have changed anything.

Wada needs to go, not part of the name.

sikbeta3533d ago

Exactly, really pointless, like if the rebranding would change all that's wrong with that company...

Troll-without-Bridge3533d ago

Well of course, its the same old story. People read a speculative article on the interwebz and they take it as a fact.

Enix holds the majority of the shares, its going nowhere.

Skateboard3533d ago

Name doesn't really mean anything without the quality in there games.

Troll-without-Bridge3533d ago

thats true.

I remember how people critic Square-enix for FFX-2, and they say the name change ruined the franchise. FFX-2 was made while the company was named Squaresoft.

Not that im bashing FFX.2, i love that game.

Skateboard3533d ago

Yeah, some sexist bs coming from those haters. Yuna singing was making them rage.

knifefight3533d ago

I would get down with Rikku or Yuna.

I am just saying.

Agent_hitman3533d ago

Nah! just give us that damn game FFversus13 SE!!!

Abriael3533d ago

Maybe, instead of hurrying to "give us" the game (of which we don't know enough to even get a hint if it'll actually be good), they should take their time and make sure it's a great game before releasing it?

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