Update on DMC4: Developer speak about main characters

Dante is going to be taken a back seat in the first next generation entry in the Devil May Cry series. The new issue of Famitsu reveals that Devil May Cry 4 will feature a new lead in the form of Nero, a new character who slightly resembles Dante in that he has white hair and sports a long coat.

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TheMART5866d ago

And with the latest news, PS3 only 500.000 units at the end of this year shipped, DMC4 will be on 360 before you know it.

Capcom just got the best seller hit Dead Rising and they will want to sell this baby. Imagine:

format 1: 500.000 potential customers
format 2: 10 million potential customers

which format to sell on would you prefer? right.

PS3 IS THE BEST5866d ago

That's because you don't have an Xbox 360 do you, you pathetic MS slug!

TheMART5865d ago

Oh yeah I own a 360 and yup I don't own Dead Rising yet, only played the demo on marketplace. I am not saying that I have the game, nor that I will buy it in the future, but half a million are sold in 2 weeks.

That's Capcom, this game is from Capcom. Lost World (360 exclusive) is from Capcom. It's like Ubisoft, they are main supplier on 360 also. GRAW sold like hell, over 20% of all 360 users bought that one.

Ubisoft made Assassins Creed and see where that one did go from only announced on PS3 to 360 on the same day of release.

Producers know where the userbase and money is the coming time

shoota335866d ago

hopes and dreams from a [email protected] MS fanboy lol!

TheMART5865d ago

I said it about Assassins Creed on an early time and you said no.

Now look what came true about that prediction...

Mark my words. Capcom now knows how to get good cash. On 360 it is

PS3 IS THE BEST5866d ago

This game will never be released on the Xbox 360, that i'm sure on, it's a PS3 exclusive! This ain't no Assassins Creed, DMC3 was one of the best games i ever played, i hope this is better, which i'm sure it will be! Eat on that MART and apprenticies lol!

Loudninja5866d ago

You are still a fool, the game does nto even have a realese dtae, it want be this year though.

TheMART5865d ago

I am not saying that. It could be an announcement that it comes to 360 also very soon.

X06 and TGS are coming and mark my words again: MS will have some nice things up on their sleeve to hit the PS3 which generates the bad news themselves already even harder

wakkiwakko5865d ago

Weren't mgs games ps exclusives? They made their way onto the xbox and pc. Hehe. Only thing that can make or cancel an exclusive is a paycheque. And microsoft has money to make things happen. :P Don't worry, sony is going the sega way. Releasing a great console. Expensive. Does everything it needs to do. Who here knows what a dreamcast is? :P

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