Molyneux “bored” of samey modern games

Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux says he enjoys modern videogames, but admits that he’s getting bored of titles that are “essentially the same” as each other.

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gravemaker4310d ago

yet he does FOUR same Fables

kingdavid4310d ago

Molengay kinda has a point tbh.

Anarki4310d ago

Then why does he make them?

kingdavid4310d ago

Sorry but what games on the market are similar to Fable? AS much as you'd like to not admit it, Not many..

dredgewalker4310d ago


You mean games that have tons of promises that have yet to be delivered? I'm sorry I just couldn't help but make that corny joke :)

Heartnet4310d ago

Maybe he should actually make a decent game before he comments on others?

Rainstorm814310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )


One of the main things that sticks out from the fable series is the morality system, which isn't unique Kotor also had one in the xbox days.... Other than that its your typical action RPG....

What makes it unique?

Besides people tend to try and make a game off of popular elements from blockbuster games ,( Cod u2, GOW, gears)....fable's fan backlash keeps other companies from trying to duplicate any of it gameplay .... That's why u see no games like fable on the market and like 30 COD wannabees

BrutallyBlunt4310d ago


Yes he has a point and we would all love more new experiences and new IP's. However the irony is his next game will utilize Kinect because Microsoft asked him to come up with something using that device. So instead of taking a huge chance by creating an all new experience showing us all what Kinect can do (like the Milo demo) he falls back onto Fable. The ONLY IP he (and his team) has made this generation.

Lazy_Sunday4310d ago

Plenty of action RPGs. I've played enough action RPGs to see what he's copy-pasted. Still quite an original game.
He has a point. But it sounds hypocritical since there are many games within the same genre that provide a similar/better experience then his own.

badz1494309d ago

he's talking about FPS genre, no?

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Yi-Long4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

... the guy keeps releasing games that have an incredible artdesign and potential, yet offer no challenge whatsoever, and then decides he needs to complain about 'boring' games from others!?

When a game offers no challenge and has a short uninteresting story which is mostly focussed on gimmicky 'extras' like having a dog and holding hands with your partner, THAT's BORING!

I really wish we would see a proper long challenging adventure game with the Fable license, production and design values, but it seems Peter is more interested in just trying out some new gimmicky stuff. Maybe next Fable, we can have our own fishtank(!)

StifflerK4310d ago

Fable isn't about that - it's about action and consequence.

And it's not just the simple good/bad choices made during quests.

You must've noticed how your character changes and develops how you play? Didn't you also notice how the towns are also affected, as well as the townfolk.

The game is about an experience, everything you do seems to have some type of consequence attached to it - that what makes Fable a really unique game series.

The same goes for each installment. Fable 1 was about morality and time, Fable 2 was about personal attachment and the intentions of you actions , Fable 3 was about keeping promises and the long term implications of your decisions , as in sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy.

So yeah, each game does offer something new and interesting.

lzim4310d ago

he makes them because that's what Microsoft pays him to do and why they bought his Studio. Just like they did with Rare and Bungie.

Wizziokid4310d ago

"Molyneux “bored” of samey modern games"

make something different then?

Anon19744310d ago

Yeah. Where's the guy who made Populous or Syndicate? Where's the guy who had all these huge plans for Fable? I want that guy back, and I want him to deliver like in the Bullfrog days!

Horny4310d ago

I really miss bullfrog. I also miss the dungeon keeper series. My favorite strategy game.

dredgewalker4310d ago

Dungeon Keeper needs a sequel!

Horny4310d ago

yea it does. Ive been coming back to Dk1, deeper dungeons expansion, and dk2 throughout the years.
The messed up part is there is a trailer for DK3 in the second game and then bullfrog closed down.

dredgewalker4310d ago

Lol, I actually re-played DK2 last week and I still find the game to be quite fun.

Optical_Matrix4310d ago

Better to be modern than mediocre

cliffbo4310d ago

I'm Bored of Peter Molyneux

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