DMC 4 In Higher Demand On PS3 Than Xbox 360

Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4 is going to be one big game once it launches for the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. At one gaming convention though it seems that the PS3 version is in higher demand.

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TheXgamerLive4931d ago

Since it now seems the Xbox 360 is building up big steam here.

Lost O. will help too.

In World Wide sales, The Xbox 360 version will outsell the ps3 in game sales for DMC4 3 to 1 easily.

ENNO4931d ago

the controls on the 360 are suppose to suck from readin about them on this site..but it is suppose to look better on the 360 choose between them two...I personally will be getting it on my ps3 because I have all my older ones on the my ps2!

Honeal2g4931d ago

"At one gaming convention though it seems that the PS3 version is in higher demand.

At the Games Festa Japan, a gaming convention show of sorts"... Now why did i Know this without reading any facts / this article.... uve got to be kidding me did anyone expect 360 with 500,000 units in japan to outsell the ps3 with like 1.5 million ...did i say in Japan? cmon this is something everyone knows without even reading anything its common sense

MADGameR4931d ago

PS3 version of DMC4 will outsell the 360 version 5 to 1 because 360 fans are too prideful of Halo 3? LOL! Besides, the fanboys of DMC series favors PS3. So yeah, come back next year kid.

Quickstrike4931d ago

Remember the patition thing a while back in march? I bet that those people that signed it relized if they dont buy DMC 4 on the PS3 then Capcom would have a justification for releasing it on the 360 because the PS3 fanboys are too imature to handle a multiplatform title that is X PS3 exclusive. Now that the PS3 version of DMC 4 is in more demand it means only one thing, DMC fans value Sony and will remain loyal to them.

Daytona4931d ago

From the Xbox 360, easily. The controls are also fantastic I'm sure, only sony fans would disagree with that statement.

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UltramanJ4931d ago

..and I couldn't believe how horrible the game is by todays standards. I'll only consider DMC4 if it scores well, and is around $25.

BrianC62344931d ago

So will you say the same thing about any other last gen game with a new game? Most old games look bad a couple years later when comparing them to new games. That's just how things go. It doesn't mean the new game will suck. If you want it for $25 though you can always wait a year after release and it should be down around that price.

xionpunk4931d ago

OMG how dare you lol. The original DMC is one of the greatest games ever made and is definitely the best in the series so far (even though I loved DMC3).

power of Green 4931d ago

Despite this fanboys post Capcom depends on the 360 base to sell most of their software.

I do believe 1.1 on the graphics but I dissagree with the controls comment.

monkey6024931d ago

POG that is a lame comment of course you agree with the pro 360 part of 1.1's comment and disagree with the anti xbox part. Like any of us didnt think you would.

power of Green 4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Sure whatever you say it was a lame post on the contributors part. Japanese game in higher demand on a Japanses console thats in higher demand. lol

I agree with 1.1 part because the proof is too great even from their own games like Lost Planet(DMC4 is a very colorful game with lots of detail) It was an honest opinion.

I have yet to hear or read why the devs would get sloppy with the 360 controls when so much was put into the game as it stands(preference for the Dualshock for this type of game is a different matter which is what I think this dude is saying or missunderstanding).

Simple minded people can always claim "ofcourse you think that POG"

Come back when you have somethig to talk about.

Lame comment by the way don't worry about it, you're not going to change anything regardless of why you think I post my opinions.

LOL How is some dude saying he heard the 360 controls suck anti 360?. I think I read the samething he did they said the same thing about VF5 360 controls as in "controller layout" not piss poor development and control scemes).

Old Tomb raider games with the Lara Croft "rail" control scemes suck ass preference for dualshock on an old PlayStation classic does not mean the same thing.

jack who4931d ago

wait till this sell 1 mili on 360 in a week

sniddles4931d ago

Breaking news.....

Toyota is more popular than Chevrolet in Japan..... OMG!!...

this would be a given.... wouldn't it??

Synex4931d ago

I'm pretty sure Toyota is more popular than chevy anywhere.

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