CVG gives 8/10 to Kane & Lynch - A violent tale of co-op and robbers

Games and movies are getting close by the day. Though there are stark differences, there is common ground to explore. In fact, every developer working on a new IP for this generation of hi-def consoles swears blindly that their's is the one that will genuinely guarantee an experience mirroring a million dollar popcorn blockbuster. Where other developers hire big name movie talent to inch closer to the feel of a film, IO Interactive doesn't need any of this.

Hitman was always genuinely cinematic in scope and execution and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, IO's latest foray into the sinister underbelly of the criminal world, goes even further. Kane & Lynch wears its influences right there on its bloodied sleeve for everyone to see. There's absolutely no qualms about it, K&L relies not on name actors, Tinsel town scribes or blockbuster scorers, instead on sheer brute force, bad attitude, high-class medication and an adoration for the men-in-suits gangster flicks made famous by the Hollywood hip generation and veteran helmers.

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MK_Red4930d ago

OMG, Superb find. Wasn't expecting a K&L review. Good score.

Whoooop4930d ago

MK... Are you obsessed with the word Superb??? You can change it once in a while you know..

How bout Holy mackerel.... heh :)

MK_Red4930d ago

I know. I really need to change my habbit of overusing "Superb" and "Awesome", kinda addicted to them.

The funny thing is I was addicted to saying "Holy moly" and those 2 were used to help me that and now I use all 3 most of the time!

misterssippi4930d ago

I can't wait for the ass-kickery!!! Gonna be awesome!

tethered4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Rental first for me.
The graphics, to me anyway, look no better than the original XBOX.

Edit - OK, two disagrees. I guess i'll have to look again to see what you guys are talking about.

Panthers4930d ago

they are disagreeing with you because graphics aint everything. This game looks like a great Co-op game. Probably better than Army of Two.

tethered4930d ago

Haha, and thats why I said I would rent it first to see how the game play is. Generally speaking, I rent games first if it is a new type of game. If I like it then I will buy it.

If its the sequel to a game I liked, such as Call Of Duty or a GTA game I already know I will enjoy so I wont have to rent to find out.

Thats also the reason I like demos.

I agree 100% that bad graphics don't necessary make a game less enjoyable. I just don't feel like wasting money on a sub-par game.

green_ghost54930d ago

Great find, I've been waiting for K&L review. 8/10 isn't bad, I'll wait for more, before I decide.

THE_JUDGE4930d ago

It looks cool and is getting good reviews but is it worth it? I don't know if I will have time for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.