Dragon's Dogma: "We're bringing online gaming and social networking together"

Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi has told NowGamer how his team are "trying to bring online gaming and social media together" in Dragon's Dogma, gives some details on Rim Crystals which can be gained by lending your Pawns to other players and are used to buy more powerful items.

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jc485732621d ago

something like demons souls?

Stealth2k2621d ago

minus the fact that its not an rpg......

solidboss2621d ago

No online co op is sure to be the deal breaker for many gamers such as myself. just watching videos of this game u can tell it's meant for co op

Skate-AK2621d ago

Ahhhhhhhh no co-op @#$%

Drewminati2621d ago

no coop no good go for me, how could they not put coop,

Really capcom?!!!