PSU's Top 5 Must Have PS3 titles this Xmas

After slowly gathering momentum since its inception in late 2006, Sony's PlayStation 3 now offers consumers a variety of some of the best software available on the market; with the holiday season fast approaching, PSU would like to take the time to remind gamers what games they should not miss out on, or indeed what titles are simply that great to warrant purchasing yourself a PS3. Join them now as they guide you through our definitive Top 5 Must Have PS3 titles this Xmas.

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Baba19064933d ago

i agree with the top 4, dont know about nfs, im not so much a car person. uncharted is my number 1.

Ju4933d ago

Agreed. Uncharted No1 and then I'd put Ratchet instead of NFS on 5th. The nfs demo didn't convince me that it is a must have. Nothing real new there, IMO (and Dirt or even Sega Ralley are more impressive).

ATLRoAcH4933d ago

COD:4 and Assassin's Creed this week and Uncharted as soon as its out(possibly this week also).NFS is a renter for me,I loved the undergrounds but there is not enough Hondas to fix up on NFS these days so,oh well.Haze is most likely going on my list,we'll see.

Baba19064932d ago

btw need ratchet on that list. bought it today and i love it. omg the jokes are so funny.

Hedberg4932d ago

There will be a lot of new PS3 owners after this Holiday season and with the new people in mind..the list needs to be revised to include a few others.....nix NFS and Haze from the list for now for sure.

1. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
2. Ratchet & Clank
3. Assassin's Creed
4. CoD 4
5. Tie: Heavenly Sword & Warhawk...(come on all new PS3 owners should have these)

Runners UP..Alternate Choices for the list...

Eye of Judgment
Motorstorm (if you didn't get it in the 80 gig bundle)
Lair (just for the experience of it and full sixaxis control.....hard for some to control not hard for most true gamers)

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jack who4933d ago

i got one word...Mass Effect

SabreMan4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

i don't know about anyone else but isn't Mass Effect two words ??

why bother trolling, Mass Effect looks superb but it's not on the ps3
this is a ps3 thread so go back to your crayons and coloring books

great list of games Cod4 is simply incredible and deserver all the credit it is getting, i am not convinced about the NFS Pro Street demo the handling just doesn't feel right so i doubt i will be parting with any cash for that. However the other four are must own titles imo

Happy Days

power0919994933d ago

A. That's two words.
B. This is a PS3 article.

If your going to attempt to Troll, at least use a little bit of intelligence.

Good list, but I agree.... I am not really interested in NFS. Maybe as a Rent.

lonestarmt4933d ago

ok lets get this guy to one bubble. He was wrong on every level you can be wrong. If he makes comments like this on this thread, he is just flame bait. disagree away

cr33ping_death4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

LOL damn made my day LOL... well i got "one word" for you, learn to read and that one word? is it? LOL!!!!!! boy you sure are one funny XBOX fanboy.

THE_JUDGE4933d ago

no excuse for being dumb.

Ju4933d ago

get a job. No need being bored.

cr33ping_death4933d ago

we cant sue because being dumb is a handicap not a crime, so we'll just make fun of you troll instead. :)

beoulve4933d ago

wow troll get chewed up for being a...emmm..troll.. That's funny though. One word - Mass Effect in PS3 thread is gold.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4933d ago

the reason "mass effect" is your only reply is because thats the only game worth a sh!t the 360 has coming out.

The_Engineer4932d ago

if he is the kid who got caught tagging "Ps3 sucks" at that toy store in Fla.

Hedberg4932d ago

that's two words and I have already played KoToR and Jade Empire...nothin' new here...just a change of cast.

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OOG FunK4933d ago

btw thats 2 words you trolling fanboy moron

and yes both have nice games comn

TruthBTold4933d ago

1. Uncharted
2. Haze

if I would choose to spend more money on games this holiday it would probably be Assasins Creed as a third choice

monkey6024933d ago

If you are in any way interested in First Person Shooters I have to recommend COD4 it is absolutely amazing

beoulve4933d ago

The storyline is good but the multiplayer took the game to next level. Funny thing is every level 1 will have to go through pwned process.

Danja4933d ago

Yes I agree with top 4 also..NFS shouldn't really be on the surprised that game still sells well...

resistance1004933d ago

I actaully rate the NFS series Highly and can see why it sells by the millions for decent reasons as its a fun game to play for anyone.

To be fair its the only EA game i would consider buying this year. (unless you class Mass Effect as EA now)

Danja4933d ago

NFS was a good game on the PS1 and at the begining on the PS2

NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 was the last good game in the series..dude Midnight Club and Burnout is the way to go..NFS is just trying to copy what those two games does best...