Sarcastic Gamer breaks down COD4 multiplayer

Call of Duty 4 can be quite intimidating to the average gamer. With so many levels, weapons, perks, and challenges to keep up with, a lot of newer players might it too much to swallow all at once. breaks down the multiplayer experience into simple, easy-to-follow tips, that help even the 'newest of the noobs' survive their first day on the job, as a Modern Warfare soldier.

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HBK6194924d ago

This is a very helpful Article, I wish I had it when starting off with COD4

bluebrad19744924d ago

Entertaining read. Being fresh fish on COD4 is a little overwhelming. Thankfully you level up rather quickly. I disagree with him regarding the M16 though, it's a decent weapon on the larger maps. I wouldn't recommend the SMG on large maps until you have the UAV Jammer perk.

A helpful hint: Simply use whatever weapon has a range that fits the map and the strategy in which you want to play. SMG,Shotgun, and LMG are most effective on small or close quaters maps. Medium and large maps, you can use any weapon and be fairly successful as long as your strategy coincides with the range of your weapon.

Kleptic4924d ago

yeah I agree...the M16 is what I started out with, and have been fine...I have since switched to the M4 matched with the extra bullet damage perk...RD reflex site...and it works great...its definitely not the best for close range, but a quick throat slit usually catches enough people close up anyway...

I didn't realize that its only 25 kills to get a red dot for any weapon...I have been using that M4 since I got it...the main thing is that unlocking a gun doesn't always mean its better...the G3 absolutely blows...a semi auto rifle that is accurate, but you will get cut down by anyone else nearly always in a stand off...

also...if you are a twitchy not use the sites at close range...just hip fire any fast firing weapon, and you will spray them to the nearly always results in a dumb luck headshot...and also will cut them apart during that last stand perk, if they use one likes being killed by a chump on the ground with a pistol, although I love using it...twitchy players usually keep the site up, and just get wrecked slowly panning around trying to nail the guy in the process of killing him...

If you have played will be fine with the damage in this game...its not Warhawk...its not Halo...2-4 bullets will put you down for good with nearly any weapon...and if one catches your face...thats obviously it...

bluebrad19744924d ago

One of my favorite strageties on Bloc and Overgrown is spec ops. I use a silenced Skorpion, UAV jammer, 3x flashbang (or 2xclaymore), and Steady Aim. The Skorpion doesn't have good range, but it's devastating at 10-20yds. On Bloc, I run the back alleys into the buildings and clear out campers, most don't even see it coming. I use the creek bed on Overgrown to infiltrate the hot spots. Good times.

JSA-Gamer4924d ago

I'm EXTREMELY close to unlocking the silencer for my Skorpion. God this leveling system really keeps you engaged.

JSA-Gamer4924d ago

I think the best piece of advice in the article is that once you level up a gun, switch to a new one and use that one to power-level faster. There's no sense in trying to max out every weapon before you move on to the next one.

snoop_dizzle4924d ago

if you go to the link and look at the bottom of the article, you see this. n4g's popularity spreading?

snoop_dizzle4924d ago

i still need to pick this up. I need money!

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The story is too old to be commented.