Is Free To Play The Biggest Ripoff In Gaming?

A disturbing trend in today’s gaming market is the rapid influx of “free to play” and “freemium” titles making their way to PC’s and consoles worldwide. Previously a staple of Korean MMOs over the past decade, the industries’ largest gaming developers have sought fit to dedicate their manpower and resources to games which lure you in with a sparkling “FREE” banner, only to make their money back tenfold with paid items that increase abilities, change appearance and, most notably, expand content.

You may have fallen into their trap first hand: a gamer immediately clicks the download link for a F2P game (in this case, Team Fortress 2) and enjoys the inherent, no-frills added gameplay for a short time – this stage normally lasts upwards to a week or so – then everything changes. Suddenly, said gamer is notified that he’s received a crate filled with all sorts of digital treasures! Hats. Guns. Taunts. What could be better? Well, unless you’ve got $2.50 to open that sucker, you’re sti...

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Jdoki3592d ago

If someone wants to get the most out of a Freemium or F2P game properly, they need to budget accordingly.

if I was playing a decent Freemium title I'd probably budget the same as if I were subscribing to WoW. The advantage of F2P / Freemium is that I can choose when to spend and how much. Whose fault is it if a player decides to blow a fortune on the game!

People thinking Freemium and F2P are a rip off are looking at the wrong games - the developers are in the business of making money. It's just a different business model.

KentBlake3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I also think it's a scam. Especially when you have to pay for things that are really essential to the game (like a MMORPG where it's free until you hit level X, and then you have to pay to level up). If it's just cosmetic items, I don't think it's really a problem.

But I'd still prefer paying for a game once and playing it however and whenever the hell I want to.