Pachter Predicts October Software Sales Up 50%

Pachter expects the NPD Group to announce October US videogame software sales data following market close this Thursday. He forecasts software sales of $555 million, up from $369 million last October.

Of the total, Pachter estimates that $425 million was generated by software sales for new platforms (PS3, Wii, 360, PSP and DS). PS2 software sales are expected to have generated $110 million. Activision's Guitar Hero III, which raked in $115 million in first week sales in North America, is expected to be the main driver of software sales growth.

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Danja4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

YUP and I predict that the PS3 will see a major increase in Sales for the month of November and Uncharted and Ratchet will sell well also

wait COD4 will be the best selling game for a week then get ovetaken by Assassins Creed....the 360 sales will fall back the Wii to keep steady..and the PS2 will see a increase in sales also..

wow it's Hard beign an Analyst....

v1c1ous4935d ago

tomorrow the sun will rise.

based on past experiences, this trend will likely continue all the way to next week.

pay me.

Syko4935d ago

The only thing that Patcher can't predict is my shoe in his chin if I ever run into this babbling idiot....Can we put a moratorium on Patcher news please, this website would be better for it.

Fighter4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

It makes sense and you won't need a psychic to determine the numbers. Pachter gets the cred once again for the obvious. What about all his missed predictions. HA!

Silver Bull3t4935d ago

Everytime I see that guys pic I think it's Dan Fielding...

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