GameSpy and Epic partner on UT3

IGN Entertainment's GameSpy and Epic Games have announced a licensing deal to incorporate GameSpy's multiplayer technology into Epic's Unreal Tournament 3, the next installment in the FPS franchise.

Under the terms of the new agreement, GameSpy's multiplayer technology -- including multiplayer matchmaking, in-game and out-of-game messaging, player statistics, VoIP communication and a leaderboard and ranking system -- will be incorporated into both the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Unreal Tournament 3.

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lynx1halo4934d ago

So it inocorporates GameSpys VoIP communication , player stats, messaging, etc...rather then what is usually provided? or it merely provides the option to use Gamespys?

jack who4934d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer powered by GameSpy? wow game already flop be4 coming out wat shame

frizshizzle4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

Halo pc is powered by gamespy must be a flop too.

jack who4934d ago

am guesssin you didnt play halo pc? huh..if you did you would know it did flop n it wasnt even dev by bungie

TheMART4934d ago

Enjoy those multiple networks which won't be one network with XMB ingame stuff like invites to other games, instant jumping in on co-op with your friends nor cross over game voice or text messages/chat. Great, never an unified network or friendlist.

games4fun4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

you must never play games on pc xfire does chat and friendlist and its free, not to mention when you play a game for pc because it has dedicated servers unlike one consoles network that is pos p2p connection with good add ons to see who playing and talk but even with those extra features the game online still runs like [email protected] even if u can talk to your friends while playing the game with [email protected] online actual play it still is sh#t online play.
Oh yeah your a tool because you dont even know what voip is and its the exact thing you said was missing lol. Read the paragraph at least (i dont expect you would even read the article) before you post your pos comments.

DethWish4934d ago

Actually PSN has quite a few dedi servers

games4fun4934d ago

i know, its the other one that is p2p

jack who4934d ago

80% of ps2 online game uses i think you can answer your question

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The story is too old to be commented.