(Threespeech) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune – Hands On

(Threespeech) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune – Hands On

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mighty_douche4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

the demo was all the reassurance i needed, day 1!

edit: cheers resistance, great game huh. cheers for the bubble but mine dont seem to go up or down? anyway thought that counts.

resistance1004930d ago

Beat me to it have a bubble. No previews/reviews matter any more. The game already has a sale from me.

tethered4930d ago

Same here, pre-ordered already.
Anyone hear how many hours the game is? Just curious.

mighty_douche4930d ago

about 10-12 hours.

obviously depends how you play it, personally im gonna take my time and apreciate the gorgeous graphics.

tethered4930d ago

Thanks mighty_douche.

10-12 is good with me.
It'll take me 15-20 because I suck a video games. lol

The story looks great.

mrlakadaddy4930d ago

as a matter of fact, bubbles for all

Jamaicangmr4930d ago

Yeah this game is a technical materpiece but then again i expected no less from Naughty Dog. This games gonna cost me like US$90 to buy an ship but it's gonna be worth gettin it as soon as possible. The demo already has a hugh fanbase out here.

Day one purchase confirmed (Add an extra 6days for shipping lol)

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jackfatal4930d ago

it has to be this!!

by the way can any body tell me how to post news?
i have very interesting news for xbots!!
Microsoft might end in the future!! ha ha ha!!!

lynx1halo4930d ago

Honestly can anyone else remember a time when this many AAA games released all around the same time???...ive been used to old times where once every couple of months a good game would drop if youre lucky LOL

games4fun4930d ago

demo blew me away, AI is the best i have seen in a very long time, very very very long time.

fenderputty4930d ago

after playing the demo 10+ times, I'm more excited for this game that any game yet. It's just solid. The animations make everything look so real. People that were over at the house watching me play the demo thought the same thing and they aren't even into video games. The AI isn't easy either. Should be a totally awesome game.

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