Will Arkham City Suffer The Batman Movie Curse?

CheatCC - This October, Batman: Arkham City hits store shelves and digital download services across North America, following soon thereafter in Europe and Australia. It's to be the latest in a long line of Batman-themed videogames that stretches back to classic (and nigh-forgotten) home computers such as the Amstrad CPC/PCW and ZX Spectrum, though it's likely that most gamers' memories of the franchise kick off with the movie-licensed Batman on the NES, from 1989. The game was a difficult and hectic side-scrolling action-platformer that was certainly enjoyable at the time.

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jashwin3332d ago

Stupid article, the game will surely succeed.

rabidpancakeburglar3332d ago

That surely isn't even necessary as this game will be an improvement on Arkham Asylum meaning it will succeed.

I also noticed that they are complaining about the number of villains below but clearly forgetting that there were a lot of villains in Arkham Asylum. Just because they are in the game does not mean that they will have a significant role or that you will even be able to fight them. I agree with Forbidden_Darkness though that they shouldn't have been revealed before the game was out.

sreiches3332d ago

Devil May Cry 2 only had to be an improvement on Devil May Cry. Fable 3 only had to improve on Fable 2.

Just saying.

rabidpancakeburglar3332d ago

I think there has been enough gameplay footage to show that that has improved and I fully expect the story to better or on par with AA.

iamnsuperman3332d ago

I am a little worried about the amount of bosses revealed. There is something called to much. To connect all these villians together into a decent story will be tough.

Forbidden_Darkness3332d ago

Yeah, i'm a little worried about that too. Kinda reminds me of super hero films like Spiderman 3 and such having too many villians, but the thing is, i'm way more pissed that they had to go and reveal all of the villians, ruining my surprises I would have enjoyed, like I did in Arkham Asylum...

ElementX3332d ago

I don't know more than a couple of the villians because I purposely avoid the Arkham City articles.

HenryFord3331d ago

Hah - I avoid those articles as well... only ones I knews is "The Joker" :)

jashwin3332d ago

You have to take into account that this game is being made by Rocksteady. I'm sure that they will do a good job.

wallis3331d ago

AA had dozens of boss fights. The only difference now is that AC's boss fights arent repeats of venom thugs. There actually legitimate villains of the mythology.

I literally can not see how it can fail.

This article fails mostly because it's applying movie logic to video games. Yeah when you ram thirty villains in a three hour movie it'll suck. But the whole idea of an open world game is you take it at your pace. It's like a thirty hour experience versus a three hour one. Not to mention games follow completely different rules of narrative compared to movies. Every complaint this guy makes is totally null in light of the fact that a) arkhan asylum had just as many villains, b) it's probably ten/fifteen times the size of a movie, c) half the bloody bosses and villains (such as riddler) are optional!

CaptainPunch3331d ago

Is this guy a f*cking moron? The first game was amazing why wouldn't the 2nd one be too.

HenryFord3331d ago

"amazing" is a great understatement for Arkham Asylum ;) It was unbelievable what Rocksteady pushed out there - it was huge, it was complex, it was one of the best games I played. And I mean "ever". It was so genius...

mike1up3330d ago

Nope. But just to be safe, lets keep Danny Devito, Arnold, and Val Kilmer far far away from Arkham City.