PlayStation 3 GBP 40 million ad campaign shelved

Sony has shelved its GBP 40 million advertising campaign for Europe in the wake of the PlayStation 3's delay.

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andy capps5871d ago

The article that you linked to states, "SCE UK has dismissed claims that it is shelving the GBP 40 million PS3 ad campaign in the wake of the console's delayed launch as 'categorically not true'. "

You may want to revise the article heading and description of the article.

Marty83705871d ago

Sony might sort the delays out,they said they were 1 month behind.

zypher5871d ago

the article heading says "PlayStation 3 GBP 40 million ad campaign shelved." but the link takes me to an article where it is said that the ad campaign is still active. whats up with that?

super bill5871d ago

they shouldnt just shelf the ps3 ad.they should shelf the ps3 full stop.