9 out of 10 for Super Mario Galaxy from GameDaily

Nintendo mascot Mario finally gets back to the business of saving princesses in full 3-D (instead of the 2.5-D of Super Paper Mario) on the Wii. It has been five years since Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube, a game which, while competently executed, didn't exactly win over fans of the classic series. Whatever Nintendo missed in Sunshine gets put right in Galaxy, an innovative platformer that pays homage to the Mario of old while throwing in just enough new tricks that keep things fresh from start to finish.

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MK_Red4931d ago

Was kinda expecting a 10 from this site...

lynx1halo4931d ago

I wouldnt have been suprised if this site would have gave them an 11 out of 10 since others already have lol

Rooftrellen4931d ago

I've come to expect a 10 from every site.

Syko4931d ago

Game of the year here, folks.

MK_Red4931d ago

Good one. The big Mario Galaxy fan.

DeckUKold4931d ago

maestro is the biggest ninty fan i'll give u that

Maestro4931d ago

Thanks Syko, Game of the year indeed. Haters am cry