HD DVD Slaps Blu-Ray with new sales figures in Europe

HD DVD player owners in Europe are snapping up more HD movies than their Blu-ray counterparts. That's according to the European HD DVD Promotional Group which today said that HD DVD owners buy, on average, 3.8 HD movies each, compared to just 0.6 movies sold per Blu ray player.

The figures were collated by independent research group GfK and, for once, they analyse the number of movies sold for all HD players including games consoles.

Usually, the HD DVD camp likes to leave the Blu-ray-supported PS3 out of its stats. But it's obviously happy to include it when it's convenient.

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Lucreto4933d ago

Considering they don't advertise and no-where to rent them and I have yet to find a place that sells the players.

Come to think about it maybe people are renting Blu rather than buying them unlike HD-DVD where you have to buy them to watch them.

Agent VX4933d ago

That's funny, my Blockbuster rents HD-DVD's as well as BluRay. The shelf for both are small, but I can rent either formats.

This format war is real annoying, I want a player, I just don't want a betamax. If I was a betting man, I would wager a meager amount of money on HD DVD, as Walmart has now embraced the format.

notsonice4933d ago

Only 2 HD-DVD players have actually been sold in Europe, so what exactly counts as .6 of a movie? The guy who bought a HD-DVD thinking it would play in his regular DVD player? Or does a copy of Timecop only count as .6 of a movie?

Feihc Retsam4933d ago

While competition is good for consumers most of the time, it's a bad thing when they are different formats in competition. It leaves the consumer hanging out to dry while they duke it out for supremacy.

I haven't bought a standalone HD-DVD player or Blu Ray player yet, although I do have a PS3.

Honestly, I've only sprung for about 5 Blu Ray Movies because my standard DVDs look fantastic when played on an upconverting DVD player...

Hi Def movie players just aren't worth the expense for most of us yet, ecpecially with the fears of adopting a soon-to-be dead format...

Remember laser disc!!!!???

Lucreto4933d ago

My shop is run by blockbuster but under a different name and they have 5 one meter shelfs all blu-ray.

godofthunder104933d ago

here we go again,hd-dvd is catching up with br and now ps3 fans are trying to put a spin on it again.(sony taught the ps3 fans how to spin any bad news so it want look bad for br or ps3 but no one is buying their sh*t.)the truth is that hd-dvds are catching up with br and next year they will be neck and neck in movie sales and the movie companies will have to start makeing movies for both sides because it cost to much money to make a next gen discs keep the exclusive to one format when they are neck and neck.the reason that some movie companies went exclusive with the br format is because of the ps3.they thought that the ps3 would sale units like the ps1 and 2 did and it's not and they will consider that to.

robep34932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

HD-DVD group seem to pluck figures from the air FIRST of all I have a PS3 had it just over 6 months now 6 Blu-ray movies will buy at least one a month, more over Christmas period, here in the UK go into any store HMV,VIRGIN EVEN ASDA(WALMART IN UK) guess what they have more Blu-ray than HD-DVD in stock. If you look at ASDA when I first bought my PS3 they had 4 or 5 HD-dvd titles and only a couple of Blu-ray the other day when I was in 20 Blu-ray titles ONLY 7 HD-DVD titles its the same in the other stores 2-3 times more Blu-ray titles to choose from so the HD-DVD group bosses must have their HEADS RIGHT UP THEIR OWN A** H***S WHEN THEY THINK UP THESE FIGURES.
If you have a look at the prices for example ASDA do both BD & HD-DVD MOVIES AT £20 OR LESS SO NO PRICE ADVANTAGE TO HD-DVD OVER Blu-ray LOL LOL LOL LOL.
PS3 owners will destroy HD-DVD simple as that remember also posted on here 100k PS3 SOLD IN FRANCE ALONE IN LAST MONTH SO 100K OF POSSIBLE Blu-ray buyers.


JsonHenry4932d ago

I like HD-DVD because of the price. But Blu-Ray is a superior product no doubt.

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predator4933d ago

ive made my decision, even tho ill be getting a ps3 in the nxt couple of months i will be buying the hd-dvd add on for the 360 in the next couple of weeks, to see transformers in hd along with shrek 3 and bourne 3 is to good to resist, so i shall have both formats at the end so either way ill be happy

robep34932d ago

Save your cash mate buy it on DVD upscale it on PS3 the difference
you can live with once the Paramount deal is over next year it will be on


anh_duong4933d ago

when hd dvd group talk about the number of hidef players sold they don't include the ps3 but when the look at attachment rates they include ps3. hmmm..

ruibing4933d ago

This is a really misleading title.

Why in the world would studios care about attachment rate, which can only improve for the Blu Ray camp as more PS3 owners realize that they can play Blu Ray on their PS3s. The sales figures for the movies don't lie and they still point to Blu Ray leading.

ReBurn4933d ago

I bet that the attach rate is more important than overall sales to studios. That number lets the studios estimate demand for their films better than looking at overall sales from the last movie. By being able to know up front what to expect in terms of sales they can produce the number of discs that most likely will sell and not have to carry excess inventory that has to be surplussed as overstock.

When it comes to games, the attach rate is one consideration with whether a game is greenlighted or not. I'd be willing to bet that several of the PS3 games that slipped into a 2008 release window did so because they were waiting for the attach rate for PS3 games to increase.

ravinash4933d ago

So I guess someone isn't pulling their weight out there!
mind you, this is a HD-DVD promotional they would say that wouldn't they.

ReBurn4933d ago

I have 20 Blu-ray movies. I buy them when there are deals. Like I got the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies for $24 yesterday on the Amazon buy 1 get 1 free offer.

predator4933d ago

whats that suppose to mean, check my comments, im not a fanboy, i found this peice of news and i post it, becasue its about hd-dvd doin well im a fanboy?

jackfatal4933d ago

because u brought only HD DVD success and didnt post any news of blu ray success!! last night there was amazing good news of blue rays disks sale in USA! how come u didnt post that?
and beside u should take promotion data so seriously!!

predator4933d ago

@jackfatal - well maybe cos i wasnt on last night, i do have a life that doesnt envolve around this website, i dont care what kind of news it is if its relevent to gaming or tech i post it, simple as.

fredy4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

it's really the fanboys that spin articles into a negative or a positive .

WTF is jackfatal contributing, besides personal accusations of "the messenger"

The messenger don't have to bring suck anyones C$%k to be accepted but fanboys on which ever sides.

News is News as well as falimbait is still flaimbait. n4g is still n4g, now jack, STFU until you start contributing.

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