Real Europeans talk out about the PS3

If you wanted to know how hard core Sony blokes in Europe were taking the news than look no further. With almost 500 posts in a couple hours you can finally know what the Europeans directly are thinking . All I can say is outrage.

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DC RID3R5869d ago

how sony have so little regard for europe, concerning their launch stratergies!!!

From day dot, with the ps1, it's always been the same!!!!!

That same lack of RESPECT is gonna bite them in the foot BIG-TIME!!!!


achira5869d ago

dont talk as if you would be european. its for you a chance to bash !!! its not good that it comes later, but what can you do ? surely not buying a xcrapbox, i will wait !!!

nuclearnipple5869d ago

achira, the xbox isnt crap i have one i play it its good....i was gonna get a ps3 as well as i have always been a fan but even you have to admit that sony has sereously f*cked up this time....its not worth the wait enjoy next gen now with 360 at least you can get some decent next gen gaming in while you wait for sony to ship their consoles

Lucidmantra5868d ago (Edited 5868d ago )

Actually it is impossible to make you sound any more idiotic than you make yourself out to be in your posts achira, but DC RIDER is from Europe he lives in the United Kingdoms. So hmmm don't you feel all stupid now? Maybe you should listen up and stop taking those SOny administered reality altering drugs.

andy capps5869d ago

Forum posts are news? Eurogamer comments are as bad as Joystiq users, both mean absolutely nothing and draw out the rabid fanboys.

But hey, do you expect Europeans to be happy about this? Haha.

Marriot VP5869d ago

well man this is the best we get when we want to know how europeans take the news. is the best you can get to see how they react.

andy capps5869d ago

It's as reflective of European views as Joystiq is for American users. Or Gamespot, etc.

Doesn't really matter to me as it's probably a good general indicator, most Europeans are probably upset about the delays. I doubt that anyone was happy when Vista was delayed.

Marty83705869d ago

PS3 will be worth the wait.

Marriot VP5869d ago

you really think so, there's about 5 million hardcore sony fans out there all going for the 400,000 consoles this christmas. So screwed all of you guys no matter how optimistic you are.

Imagine if the U.S. got singled out like europe did how would that make you feel. Not only wouuld you have to wait 4-6 months more but the shortages would continue on in Q3 2007.

Lucidmantra5868d ago

Agreed Paul about the storages till Q3 2007

andy capps5868d ago

Well, everyone is going to be screwed by this. 400,000 in the US is nothing, 100,000 in Japan will sell out in the first hour or two of preorders probably. There were going to be shortages no matter what, but this is going to be nuts. I'm still going to try to get one, unbundled, but I really doubt that I'll be able to find one for some time. Hey at least by the time I and most others can get one, all the good games will be starting to come out.

BURLY5868d ago

Sony shipped 720,000 PS2's for the Japanese launch and is only shipping 100,000 for the PS3's launch. Furthermore, where as last time Sony clearly favoured the Japanese market (i.e. by launching in Japan first); this time around they appear to be favouring the American market by a substantially large margin.

I say "substantially large" because even if they allocated all of the 500,000 consoles to Japan they would sell out and Japan has long been thought of as their traditional / primary market.

I know that the American market is "technically" larger but it just seems like they might be alienating their traditional Japanese fanbase a bit. If I was a Japanese person - I would be thinking that Sony probably does have the right to be concerned about losing the #1 spot in America but that doesn't mean they have the right to take the Japanese fanbase as a given and abuse that fact by short changing them.

I wonder if the 360 will start doing better in Japan as more people start to give it more of a chance? Certainly the Wii will benefit!

Lucidmantra5868d ago

Good post BURLY. It will definately spell an increase in Wii sales in Japan. I doubt anyone will be taking about the PS3 other than shortage problems and ganking gangster stealing peoples consoles. The Wii will benefit from a great Xmas 06 and the 360 will further cement its bona fida threat to Sonys status. Before the end of next year the xbox and ps2 will be a memory now that all 3 have a new console out and by xmas 07 we will have a good idea of what the buying public is doing this generation. With MGS and Halo 3 hitting in Xmas 07.

RelloC5868d ago

Neil Thompson, UK Director of Home and Entertainment at Microsoft, was quick to point out: "We know how challenging it is to pull off a global launch so it's not surprising that Sony has backed away from their previously announced launch plan due to the unproven technology they are trying to pack in to their console. Europe remains a priority for us and that is why gamers have been able to experience Xbox 360 from day one."

MS is eating this sh!t up.

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