Activision Addresses EA CEO "Rot from the core" Call of Duty comment

Eric Hirshberg has addressed EA's boss "rot from the core" comment.

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TheBeast3487d ago

"Rot from the core" Sounds like the COD franchise right there.

Pixel_Pusher3487d ago

Who else here agrees with John Riccitiello and wants COD/Act to rot from the core? Agree/yes Disagree/no

I'll cast my vote. Yes!

iamnsuperman3487d ago

So you want a big publisher to rot that make a lot of games for us to play and also provides competition to companies like Ubisoft and EA so we get the best possible games? That sounds smart doesn't it /s

Pixel_Pusher3487d ago

Yes. And here you dropped this 's'.

gamingdroid3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

We get this very classy response from Activision while EA has been nasty this entire time, yet just look at the agrees and comments above.

By all means support EA and their policies that:

a) introduced online pass to the industry

b) deletes your digital games purchased and your entire account if you are inactive on Origin

c) prevents you from accesing your games on Origin if you get banned from any of EA's site

d) has utter nasty DRM, remember Spore and number of times you could install a game. Heck, this was true of what is now Origin a short while back

.. and to those who hate Activision

e) EA essentially introduced annual game releases

f) and also cut out competing sports game brands with their exclusive deals

Out from the lions den right into the dragons lair!

Enjoy EA people, because as far as I can tell, Activision so far is the lesser of two evils, but I'm sure we will have great days ahead of us with our saviour EA at the helm.

NarooN3487d ago

I don't and never cared for EA and their practices (shutting down online game servers for awesome games mere months after release), some of their developers are awesome. DICE and Criterion for example. Just sucks that they had to be under EA.

WhiteLightning3487d ago

Hey it's Harry Flynn....

Oh wait it's not

saladthieves3487d ago

Nah, just a statue of his mom.

john23487d ago

Well said, although it seems like a typical statement to gain the trust of the crowd. I bet inside him Eric was mad :P

Criminal3487d ago

Of course, they're pretending to take the high ground.

Caleb_1413487d ago

Glad i'm not the only one who thought that :P

Dart893487d ago

What's there to say about thier game??That all we do is milk it and all our loyal sheep buy it every year??Lmfao.

adamant7153487d ago

Haha, so funnyyyyyyy. lmfaolmfaolmfao

xtremexx3487d ago

hahaha, owned, but he totaly just taking advantage, once again, smart.

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The story is too old to be commented.