G*: Microsoft Korea To Release XBLA Edutainment Title

Following Microsoft Korea's claims of a major lead over PlayStation 3 in the territory, Gamasutra has learned that an edutainment game is planned for Xbox Live Arcade in the region, alongside six Korean-developed Xbox 360 retail titles.

"We're trying to publish more games that can be played by anyone," says Xbox 360 marketing coordinator Dae Hwan Lim to Gamasutra at last week's Gstar conference. "There's a casual game coming by a Korean company, and an RPG also developed by Koreans (referring to Softmax's Magna Carta), and an edutainment game."

This XBLA game comes alongside six retail projects that Lim says are in the works for the Xbox 360 from Korean developers, including Nexon's Mabinogi, StudioNine's Superstar, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, Webzen's Huxley, the aformentioned Magna Carta, and one other unannounced title.

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