Supreme Commander Confirmed for Xbox 360 in 2008

Officially confirming previous statements by Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games, publisher Aspyr Media has announced that PC real-time strategy title Supreme Commander is in the works for Xbox 360. Vancouver-based Hellbent Games, founded in 2006 by former Rockstar Vancouver/Barking Dog Studios designer Christopher Mair, will be handling the port.

Due in early 2008, the Xbox 360 port of the game will feature newly-created units, maps, multiplayer modes, and interface and HUD elements. Xbox Live-based online multiplayer will of course be supported.

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Bladestar4932d ago

RTS come to papa. xbox 360 home of the RTS games.

JsonHenry4932d ago

Yes, the PC version supports up to 8 cores last time I checked.

I hate RTS on consoles. I tried to like them. I gave LotR and Command and Conquer 3 both a chance on the 360, but after playing them on the PC with a mouse it just makes me angry playing on the 360 with a gamepad.

I am not being snobbish, just that if you ever played the game with a mouse it is frustrating playing with a gamepad. If I had never played the genre with a mouse though I might have liked the experience.

Bladestar4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I have a PC too and own C&C3 on both.. the xbox 360 and the PC... I played it on both... Lord of the ring.. mehh.. didnt like it as much... I guess is a matter of preference. I never though I would like RTS on a console... heck.. I never though I would like FPS on a console... but seem to be doing great with Halo and COD...

Believe it or not I am a lot faster on the xbox 360 than on the PC... after a while it becomes 2nd nature... a few moves on the D-Pad and I have an army...

fredy4932d ago

Doesn't this game take advantage of Quad-core PCs?

predator4932d ago

sweet was not expecting this, brill news, good find to tns

iilluminate4932d ago

I would think this would only be playable for those with HDTVs as in SupCom it's necessary to see a lot of details. There are so many units and because of the zooming you typically view it from further afield than C&C3.

The PC version was largely overlooked by everyone but the hardcore gamers because of system requirements and learning curve. At first it seems slow paced and boring but it's one of the deepest multiplayer games available. I hope this gets the mainstream love it deserves.

Agent VX4932d ago

Awsome addition to the 360. Though, I must admitt that I would never play an RTS game on my 360 when it's available for the PC. Just my personal preference, and I'm sure there are lots out there that would disagree.

predator4932d ago

i going to agree and disagree with ur comment, i get what u mean about rts on pc with mouse and keyboard but u do need to go out and try c&c it actualy felt good playing that with a controler, and this is coming from a rts fan.

JsonHenry4932d ago

C&C 3 on the 360 was not a bad experience, but a FAR CRY from being anywhere near the experience that you get from the PC version. Not to mention the constant updates you get on the PC.

The PC version, on patch 1.09 right now, is a MUCH better experience than it was even from when it first launched.

Has the 360 version had unit balance/added maps added recently? I don't know much about the 360 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.