What's in Microsoft's Xbox 360 fall update?

Unlike Sony, Microsoft likes to make updates to its games console in big chunks. So while thr Japanese company will trickle its PS3 updates out regulary, Microsoft issues two big Xbox 360 updates a year.

The so called "fall update" is already late, and looks like hitting consoles at some point in early December.

But whats going to be included in it?


Actuall update information, download xbox 1 games of live

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predator4932d ago

i just want video marketplace for the UK.

blikz4932d ago

For me, i just want to open the server for Malaysia...that's all...I'm Malaysian..

bluebrad19744932d ago

It would be nice if they added a video playlist function. Some of the videos are rather short (but just long enough to auto-off the wireless controller), it makes it clunky changing video's.

predator4932d ago

maybe also a new look for marketplace, or the abiltiy to have different themes for each blade, group chat and a clan blade, along with video marketplace for the uk.

andy0014932d ago

I can't think of anything that I really want it to do. Obviously it would be nice to have the internet browser and customisable themes similar to the PS3 but I just don't think you will ever get that. It is just a games console at the end of the day, no more, no less.

This parental control thing will be there I guess, but I don't think they will do anything else. Perhaps it would be cool if they supported more codecs when using it as a media extender, but my media PC and 360 are in the same room, so that is irrelevant to me at least. What if they allowed you to stop displaying your gay-merscore, so those of us who have a life outside xbox live can forget about it altogether. It would be nice to see a list of arcade games sorted by most popular or a showcase of the best ones, as it is getting harder to browse through them if you don't access them every few days.

As far as the Video Marketplace, we already have it in the UK, its just that there is nothing on it to purchase. Maybe the IPTV deal will come at the same time?

Hollander4932d ago

andy001 –
If you think gamers that have a high gamer score have no life, shouldn’t you be proud that you supposedly have a low score instead of being embarrassed by it???
Or perhaps you have a high score and that’s what you are embarrassed about? :P
Why would you care if people can see it or not? You are kind of contradicting your self there… but what ever…

witchking4932d ago

I agree whole-heartedly. This is one thing PS3 and Nintendo have... hell, even the freakin' PSP can browse the web. C'mon, MSFT, you own IE... why no IE love on the 360?

Hollander4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

sorry posted something here by accident don’t know how to delete it...

Dareaver14931d ago

you state you don't need the media extender, yet you want a web browser "like the PS3's" when you said the 360 is in the same room as your pc.... wow, kinda contradictory, don't you think. Just a meaningless way of showing fanboy behavior.

andy0014931d ago

I think thats a little unfair really, as you don't know how I have everything hooked up. My media PC is hooked up to a 32" LCD TV, whereas my 360 and PS3 are hooked up to a projector with an 80" screen. As I sit around 3 mtrs away from the screens then it can be a pain to browse the internet using the media PC, depending on the resolution and the size of text on a site, whereas I find it quite good to browse the internet on the PS3 whilst waiting for a download or whatever. The media centre PC acts really as a glorified ipod, as we watch movies through the PS3, and watch TV through Sky Digital.

All I said was that if there was something I would add to the dashboard then that would be it, so I could browse the internet in exactly the same way as I do with the PS3. It was really an afterthought as my immediate reaction was that it was fine and there was nothing really to add, although I would like the option to be able to use different themes and not pay for the privilege. Having just heard that the update is only adding downloadable xbox games and a movie 'rental' system, then I have been proved right, I think.

As for the fanboy comment.. whatever. I own both the consoles and own their previous generations. I am happy to play games on both and do not avoid games on any particular console. Sometimes I prefer the PS3 and sometimes I prefer the 360. My only beef is really when people wrongly state that the 360 is cheaper, as there are so many extras to purchase before you get what I think is a decent setup, and I don't like it when people will slag off a game to all and sundry based solely on a metacritic review score without ever seeing anything other than a low resolution youtube video, and then basing these reviews as whether a console has more 'AAA' titles or not.

But hey, you don't care about my opinion and I don't really care about yours, this is just the internet, so whatever box you decide to put me in thats fine with me, so long as you don't kick your dog, or insult the postman over it.

Dareaver14930d ago

thanx for elaborating on your setup, i now understand why you said what you said. I apologize if you were offended by my comment. I did not mean to offend. Nice setup by the way.... Good day.

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