Mass Effect Banned in Singapore?

GameAxis reports that Singapore has banned Mass Effect, apparently over a lesbian make-out scene.

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Agent VX4931d ago

LOL, look now at a "Sony Fanboy" now turned "Thought Police".

It's really too bad that there is still plenty of racist people and countries still in existance. But in the grand scope, Singapore is no big loss.

Hot, good looking Lesbians ROCK!!!

MK_Red4931d ago

Completely agreed. Leaving all the great aspects of the game for a single love scene is more than stupid.
Also, the scene was PG-13 (Partial nudity with no nipples is PG-13), how on earth people find it offensive is beyond me. Hollywood's PG-13 movies show much more and are more explicit, let alone R movies...

predator4931d ago

obviously u dont like games then

Meus Renaissance4931d ago

Sexual scenes just alienates part of the market so its BioWare's own doing for this. Adding a visual sex scene, especially something which is Taboo like a Lesbian scene, is nothing but brave but I don't think the game could have possibly gained anything from this.

I'm generally against sexualisation in video games. Too much sex in our society today.

kss4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

nothing explicit was shown, but i do agree there is too much sex in our society.

predator4931d ago

did i just read that "to much sex in society today".

dude i think thats takin it a bit to far, me i love sex so that line just completetly threw me off.

but everyone to there own.

Agent VX4931d ago

I really don't think you can call this a "SEX" scene. It's nothing but two characters making out.... "2nd base" if you will.

But since there is so much ignorance and hatred towards same sex interactions, I'm sure BioWare was somewhat prepared for this reaction. Though, I'm sure the banning won't stop in Singapore.

malingenie4931d ago

I think there's definitely a lot of sexualization today, but I think theres more aggresion overall. And yes, I like sex, but I think kids are getting a very shallow view of sex and aggresion. But maybe im just getting old.

Wii60_FTW4931d ago

you've got to understand. these guys have let jewish lies control their lives. they, like their fellow mystics in singapore, believe sex is a shameful, evil act. perhaps we'd be better off wearing bed sheets over our heads like halloween every day! who's with me?? MORE CANDY!

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The story is too old to be commented.