WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2008: RewiredMind Review

Let's start with the problems, as they're always the most fun to write and read about:

The main issue outside of the ring (other than the constant loading that seems to occur every time you do anything at all) is that the game's season mode doesn't make a lot of sense at all. One minute you'll be receiving an angry voicemail from MVP or Mr. Kennedy, and the very next cutscene will see you shaking hands with…MVP and Mr. Kennedy! Bizarre.

As you play on, the effect of this lessens as your fatigue levels drop more slowly with experience. However, it's still senseless.

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Strife Lives4930d ago

Here comes the 'who buys this crap? , its fake' blah blah blah. Whatever. All i knw, im gettin it 2day.and 4 the 360. Hear its the superior version. Ps3s looks washed out in color. And cory ledesma said in an interview that the ps3 version isnt a port,bt built 4rm the ground up

KMxRetro4930d ago

Who said "Who buys this crap?"

PS3 version is a little washed out in colour, but the Xbox 360 version exhibits all the problems of the PS3 version, which is most definitely a port - whatever Ledesma says.