Amazing Screenshots: Is Uncharted 3 the best looking game ever?

GamesAktuell writes: "After seeing Uncharted 3 at gamescom this year, we are craving for its release - even more than before! Will Uncharted 3 be the best looking game ever? Check these amazing screenshots and decide for yourself."

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gravemaker3329d ago

i think battlefield 3 on pc looks same or even better than uncharted 3

grailly3329d ago

BF3 PC is definitely much better technologically, but I really like the Uncharted landscapes and architecture, on top of that the action is insane! I prefer looking at uncharted but BF3 is the graphical powerhouse here

zeeshan3329d ago

Lets see if BF3 looks THIS good on PS3. Stop comparing PC BF3 footage with a console game and authors NEED to stop calling console games as BEST LOOKING GAME EVER. There is no way current gen consoles can match the graphical prowess of PC.

But, you can easily call this the BEST LOOKING CONSOLE GAME EVER! I mean, are you kidding me? Are you effing kidding me? Are these really Unchrated 3 screenshots? In-game? I mean, I am a believer when it comes to Naughty Dogs but this is rediculously real!!!!

Wait, are these concept art sceenshots? Someone please tell me this is in-game cuz I am literally in LOVE with these pics!

Fez3329d ago

Well said grailly, best looking game ever is completely subjective, but best graphics can be calculated and is therefore fact, even if we can't work it out.

Alex Kidd3329d ago

Seriously guys this is out of hand, I didnt used to mind reading comments over here but this is a joke.

All you guys do is try and make your console of choice look better than any other console. I mean yeah everyone enjoys playing games with good graphics but how you can say one game looks better than another from screenshots is beyond me. Most of the screenshots I see are jpegs that have probably been re-rendered at 60% quality to try and downplay graphics and are not even full resolution. So many of you are blinded by hype of 'amazing graphics' and fail to realise that games aren't photos, they are to be played.

What makes a game is gameplay. Look back at games like Super Mario, did people do screenshot comparisons to find out what was the best game? NO. It was a good game because of its gameplay.

I love my PS3 but come on, trying to say Uncharted looks better than anything on PC is a complete joke and you make PS3 owners look extremely dumb.

evrfighter3329d ago


I wasnt gonna reply in this article but after I read your comment. I must admit I lol'd When I read the first few comments.

If the pc master race are completely elitist and snobby

Then the sdf are delusional and borderline creeping me out with how fanatical they are becoming.

Pixel_Pusher3329d ago

Best looking console game? Maybe but I think KZ3 and GOW3 will still look better now if UC3 would have used MLAA then definitely.

Alex Kidd3329d ago


So glad to see I'm not the only one. I'm sick of going into articles to see people who don't even care what the article is about discussing f***ing graphics!

milohighclub3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

these are gameplay graphics check the vids.

MaxXAttaxX3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Especially insecure PC trolls like 'evrfighter'.
This article is tagged under "PS3" and "Uncharted 3". I don't see "PC" anywhere.

@ Alex Kidd,

NO ONE said anything about Uncharted looking "better" than anything on PC.
And Mario(and Wii) has no competition. It would be pointless to compare.
Quit hating.

[On Topic]
Those pics are part of a series of map screens. Same as these:
And we know the game actually looked like that while playing.
Look at it carefully:
You can tell it's not "art" because of the geometry and textures.
Observe the shadows change:

So yes, it's a safe bet they're from in-game. Besides, the Beta code is old, so we're bound to see improvements as well.

JBaby3433329d ago

@ alex and evr, What are you PC elitist idiots going on about now? All the comments before, and after, yours say PC graphics look better than anything on consoles. Yes this article has a flamebait title for hits but how can you possibly throw all PS3 fans under the bus for that? No one is claiming consoles produce better graphics than your poor, sensitive PCs. Chill with jumping all over every little thing and accept that Uncharted 3 is understood to be best on consoles if the best at all.

SJPFTW3329d ago

yawn no destruction and linear levels.

grailly3329d ago

please, tell me which game is non-linear and has destruction? I doubt BF3 will be non-linear, if that is what you are trying to reference...

the ones that come to mind are red faction: guerrilla and minecraft :/

MaxXAttaxX3329d ago

Since when is linearity a bad thing? This isn't supposed to be an open-world RPG.

A lot of the greatest games of today and the past are/were linear.

kaveti66163329d ago

"Since when is linearity a bad thing?"

You're right. They should even lock the camera angles so that the player can't control what to look at.

MaxXAttaxX3329d ago

Are you trolling? Or just ignorant?...

kaveti66163329d ago

Are you offering me a false dilemma in a futile attempt to salvage your dignity?

Linearity is a design decision based on hardware limitations.

You know what else is really great about Uncharted? The way you'll watch a cutscene, run down a forested area, and then watch another cutscene after 1 minute of gameplay.

Greatest game eva...

Morpheuzpr3329d ago

I totally agree with Nathan. This game is all about the experience not exploration and whatnot. Besides i think open world games are overrated and in my opinion boring. The only game that's open world and i liked was inFamous and i never went wondering and messing around or anything like that.

I like games that have a story, a meaning, a purpose if you will, and have a nice flow or transition between events. Sending me off to mess around in the world always kills the pacing for me. That is exactly why i have been unable to finish any of the assassin's creed games.

Morpheuzpr3329d ago

Try Galaga or Pac-Man, best games in the world by your expectations.

pixelsword3329d ago


Although I am a fan of the game series' I am about to mention, I am about to put your comment into perspective:

Gears 1,2, & 3?
Dead Space?
Mass Effect 1, 2, & likely 3?
Lost Planet 1 & 2?
Section 8 prejudice?

All of the games look great, and all of them are just like Uncharted 3 in that regard, so quit trolling

Lich1203329d ago


So by your logic all choose your own adventures are better than any other novels. That metaphor isn't just about story telling either, because there is much more to games than story. Linearity is a means for the developers to hand craft the experience. I for one typically prefer linear game structure to open world. Im not knocking open world, but linear structure is not just a result of limitation it is often a design decision.

MaxXAttaxX3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Dilemma? Dignity? What in the world are you blabbering about?

You obviously have no clear understanding of how story and pacing work in Uncharted.

In open world games, you're given a big map to roam around.
In Uncharted you're taken to multiple different places. There's no point in going back and forth or roaming around unless you have a clear objective. Everything happens in continuity. There's no "ok I'll come back later and activate this really important mission". It wouldn't make sense. Everything happens sequentially, with little to no breaks. Like an action movie of sorts.

It's always fun to go back and replay these action sequences(or entire levels).

I'm sorry you can't understand this.

@pixelsword, @Lich120,

Why o why3329d ago

Alex and evrfighter

ME thinks you idnt actually read what people said. I cunningly left out a still saw it as didnt kinda like you saw pc, graphics and ps3 in a sentence and filled in the gaps with what your brain thought would be there. Shot your loads too quick on this occasion. everybody knows pc will come out on top but thats because its an ever evolving piece of generations per say. Give credit where its due and stop being party poopers. The ps and the 360 are still bringing graphical quality and more games that i like to play than whats happening on pc. We cant all drive bentleys dude. Some of us are happy with bm's

MeanOldman3329d ago

kaveti said "Linearity is a design decision based on hardware limitations."

dude thas one of the most absurd comments on this board i ever read. there been more linear pc games than console games. linearity is based on design. sometimes its cause the dev has a story to tell that cant be told in a freewheelin atmosphere. theys lots o reasons for linear levels but hardwares way down on the list. your prob is now that the xbox is in the back seat you done jumped to the pc. why you even in this thread jus trollin.

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DatNJDom813329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

No Uncharted 3 isn't the best looking game ever. Let's be real. The PC has games that look great. That being said, Uncharted 3 is so beastly that its competing with PC level gfx. Nothing I've seen on a console with the exception of GOW 3 (definitely not gears for those of you that might get confused) looks as good. On consoles, at least for the time being, Uncharted 3 is the king. Until GOW 4 comes out......

Edit: Crap I just realized that El Dorado just typed what I was thinking. He posted first.

@ below

U must have a magic tv or something to say gears of war and rage will look better. From what I've seen gears 3 isnt even at uncharted 1 gfx level yet. I'm not saying that its going to be a bad game but really? Crystal Method isn't good for u man. Rage does look great except there's NOTHING going on during gameplay. U got like 4 guys max trying to get you. Killzone has 7 plus trying to get u.

xPhearR3dx3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Gears of War 3 and RAGE both look better than those games.

EDIT: I've already played both. RAGE looks better than Gears of War 3 though.

xPhearR3dx3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )


Ummm I suggest you play RAGE before making such stupid claims. I've played it for quite a few hours. I've had 10 enemies at once coming after me.

Just to prove you wrong:


Is that a joke?


Resistance 3:

theonlylolking3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Rage looks worse than resistance 3 and they are both 60fps and in 720p(retail/trailer version not beta or demo version)

Yes, it is normal for your eyes to bleed after seeing those screens

TheXtreme3329d ago

" gears 3 isnt even at uncharted 1 gfx level yet".
Which world are you living in? Rage is open-world and UC3 is as linear as COD. Yet Rage looks better AND does 60 fps

Biggest3329d ago

It's funny that some of you STILL say that Rage is an open world game. You should try convincing the developers that it is because they keep saying it isn't.

MaxXAttaxX3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )


You used a really old(10 month old) build screenshot of Resistance 3.
I think you looked for the worst pic you could find.

And why are you comparing with PC version of Rage?


Rage isn't open-world. It's linear.

kaveti66163329d ago

Resistance does not run in native 720p and will run in 30 frames per second.

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JsonHenry3329d ago

I think it is the best looking console game so far if these screenies are legit.

Arnon3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Lets be honest here... as amazing as Uncharted 3 will be, there's a bit of bullshotting here. The game won't render at 16xAA.

I'm gonna bookmark these screenies and when I buy the game I'll compare. But to be honest, I don't expect it to look anywhere near the fidelity that is in these shots.

Morpheuzpr3329d ago

This are definitely in game (blocky palmtrees) shots, but i agree that AA is way to clean, especially the wires where usually jaggies would be very evident, so ill wait and see.

Solid_Snake-3329d ago

[email protected]

have them fanboy glasses got that good that ps3 is looking better than PC now.

JsonHenry3329d ago

Didn't you know that PS3 is a super computer?!?! It will be another 15 years before a PC can catch up to the power that is the CELL and an (extremely) outdated DX9 video card. DUH! /Sarcasm

chidori6663329d ago


Crysis say hi...

and lol console fans are fucking hilarious.

DaPrintz3329d ago

You shouldn't laugh at console fans. They keep pc fans afloat. There is a reason why Battlefield 3 is NOT exclusive to pc. There is a reason why DICE can afford the effort they're putting into the pc version. "Console Fans" have been keeping pc gaming relevant for years now. Wake me up when the pc version of any game that's not exclusive to pc, sells more than its console counterpart. You need them, they don't need you.

jdfoster3329d ago

On consoles? Yes? On pc no. But is certainly up their with many pc games. Also IT'S NOT EVEN OUT YET! Should never pr judge things on incomplete gameplay/screens etc before it's fully ready.

3329d ago
Why o why3329d ago

Im with sub4this

There are a lot of console sheep but theres also a lot of pc sheep too...mods extend the lifespan of pc games, consoles owner suck up overpriced dlc.. Collctively console owners are weaker minded maybe because of the average age, i dunno but when ms tried to charge for live on windows the pc community were strong enough to just say ef that crap. Ms had no choice but to fold. Console gamers need to think more like pc gamers but its also true that console owners help the industry on the whole. Left hand washes the right as they say

stu8883329d ago


you have spoken to the truth. You've hit the nail on the head!

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rmedtx8883329d ago

Battlefield 3 will look great with the highest settings on PC but how many people own computers that can run the game that way? I don't

qwertyz3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

if you think uncharted 3 looks better than battlefied 3 then you are out of your mind

uncharted 3 still doesn't look near as good as crysis 1 running at a measly medium settings(not even high, highest or with mods) with 8xMSAA,16xAF @1080p considering the fact that uncharted 3 is linear as hell compared to crysis with no fully destructible environments I was expecting a little more, or I forgot even a 2006 high end pc is FAR more powerful than ps3 and 360 COMBINED :/ crysis 1 can run at the above settings 60fps on my 2006 rig by the way and uncharted 3 is 30fps, LINEAR, with tiny environments and little physics and environmental destruction YET cannot match it ? lol consoles are pathetic even bulletstorm on pc which I don't consider to be as impressive as crysis 1 at those settings destroys uncharted 3 in the graphics department and your trying to say uncharted 3 looks as good as battlefield 3 pc ? lol even bulletstorm and deadspace 2 on pc destroys uncharted 3 graphics

the following pc games make uncharted 3 look like a ps2 game

bad company 2
witcher 2
crysis 1(even without mods)
crysis warhead
crysis 2(even without mods/directx11 patch)
metro 2033
gta 4 with mods
far cry 2 maxed out
shogun 2
empire total war
napoleon total war
stalker: call of pripyat

even multiplat games hat make it to pc look better than all console exclusives.


You lie. crysis 1 doesn't look much better than uncharted 3 ? thats a bloody lie take your fanboy glasses of and maybe you'll see properly or you must be running it at low settings LOL

uncharted 3 looks almost as good as this ? LOL nice try

looks much better in real life than compressed vids.
look at the scale and environmental interaction in crysis 1 and crysis warhead and tell me its not a full generation ahead of uncharted 3s. even at that in the graphics department crysis 1,2, crysis: warhead, whitcher 2, bad company 2 and metro 2033 do make uncharted 3 look like a ps2 game. you just gave yourself away if you where going to defend ps3 you could have just said that graphics isn't everything and that uncharted games are good(which they are) but saying its graphics match pc thats extreme ignorance. even a 2006 high end pc would destroy ps3 and 360 strapped together thats just how WEAK consoles are

vickers5003329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I bought Crysis recently, played it on high, and it's not "massively" better than Uncharted 2/3 as your delusional pc fanboy mind believes it is.

Out of those games you listed, I've only played Bad Company 2 on max and Crysis 1 on high, but those in no way make Uncharted 3 look like a ps2 game, and I'm pretty confident a game like Far Cry 2 doesn't either.

Just because a game may have zero jagged edges and run at a higher framerate, does not mean it LOOKS better than a game that does have jagged edges/lower framerate.

And I'm not an Uncharted 3 fanboy fyi, I don't even plan to buy it on launch day (going to wait for a price drop).

swinesucker3329d ago

Yeah, people like you are full of shit. I play PC games on MAX with 4XAA generally and what ND are doing with U3 is ridiculous on a PS3. It is actually competing with games that use hardware at least 2x as powerful. Sure, it cannot compete with my overclocked 6870 but not much can and certainly nothing in the 250 dollar range lofl. My GPU alone almost costed that.

solar3329d ago


dont wast your breath. you will never change their opinion. you can provide all the visual proof you can, they refuse to see the truth

stu8883329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

empire total war? hahaha...
far cry 2?
Ive maxed out both games and even uncharted 2 shits on them!

you are talking rubbish, absolute rubbish! A PS2 game? that is massive trolling!
anyway, I bet you uncharted 3 will be better than any games on that list!

Some PC gamers, not all, are so far up their own asses they dont know what day it is!

Bonobo123453328d ago

That's a sad waste of time right there.
You speak to people as if they never have experienced these games on PC...

I max crysis and it in no way makes U3 look like a ps2 game, U3 still holds it's own regardless.

and bad company 2? I max that as well and while it's smoother and higher rez, the polygons and graphics are not better. If they bumped uncharted up to 60fps and 1080p it would look considerably better than most if not all those games..

thekiddfran3328d ago

That is great and buddy comparing all those games to uncharted but I will ask you this. How many out of that list has won a game of the year award? Let alone 150 game of the year awards like uncharted 2 did.

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zeddy3329d ago

best looking game on consoles maybe, bf3 on pc is the best looking game ever on any platform. although i think god of war 3 is still the best looking game in parts on consoles, thats until i play uc3.

Dee_913329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

lol but if uc3 was on pc it would shit on bf3

i feel sorry for the real pc gamers because xbots and trolls jumped ship. as long as ps3 dont have the greatest graphics they are happy and make sure its known in every article lol

notice the spike in "pc elitist"after xbox started focusing on kinect titles
dont think its all pc gamers because every category got it trolls making its category look bad so pc gamers welcome to the party :D

now your gonna have to suffer with all the real gamers that gets classified as a fanboy or troll for having an opinion
so thank those 1 bubble trolls


morganfell3329d ago

Glad to see someone else saw them jumping ship.

Bonobo123453328d ago

Lol yeah I noted the correlation spike also.

Was thinking earlier this year, that PC gamers never used to to be such trolls

InNomeDiDio3329d ago

"i think battlefield 3 on pc looks same or even better than uncharted 3"

Listen, on PC Battlefield 3 will laugh about Uncharted 3. There are a lot of PC Games out now that look much better than UC3 will in the end. You guys should not forget that you can play games in native 1080p on PC. That alone is superior.

Dee_913329d ago

A lot of games like what?

post 5 that hands down smash uc3
nothing debatable ...

InNomeDiDio3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

- Crysis (Crysis Warhead)
- Crysis 2
- Metro 2033
- The Witcher 2
- Bulletstorm
- Battlefield Bad Company 2
- GTA 4

-> all maxed out and in native 1080p are far superior.

Dee_913328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

all of those are debateable from what ive seen

those gta iv enhancers does nothing but enhance. meaning better lighting shadows and reflections. it still looks like gta at the end of the day and gta isnt technically nor grphically on uc3 level

theres nothing on pc that straight up smash uc3 graphically and makes it look dated bottom line.. especially multiplats

PR0X13328d ago

lmao... pc is next gen to this.

It looks very nice at 1020x640 at a small pic. But when you look close at your 55" tv it looks like pure crap.

Don't even bother comparing console to pc guys. Yes the game is very fun but graphics is like comparing ps1 with ps3.

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moegooner883329d ago

Lets face it Battlefield 3 on PC is untouchable when it comes to graphics, so is Uncharted 3 on consoles btw

Wintersun6163329d ago

I'd say PC has something that looks better, but on consoles? Yes.

ElDorado3329d ago

On consoles yes. Uncharted 3 will be the king again until God of War 4 and Killzone 4 arrive, but then again when the next Uncharted arrives, it will be the graphics king again. Triple A PS3 exclusives are just so awesome.