Resistance 3 screens show comedy facial expressions, empty buildings. Trailer is much better

Oh yeah, and for some reason Sony thought that the world desperately needed to see four shots of empty industrial buildings too. But you know, that stuff seems important to them. Still, the trailer's good.

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BiggCMan2672d ago

Slow news day for GamesRadar? I see nothing wrong with those screenshots, and the one he points out as "funny", I do not think is funny at all. To me it says trouble is coming, and it looks like Capelli is trying to get people to safety. Just an assumption however.

Unicron2672d ago

Apparently the concept of showing off environments eludes our dear friends over at GR.

SonyStyled2672d ago

not to mention that trailers about 2 weeks old

Ninver2672d ago

GamesFailure are ps3 trolls. They are literally the scum of the Australian gaming media. Never take them seriously.

gaden_malak2672d ago

Australia gaming media is a joke overall.

-Alpha2672d ago

Couldn't just say "Resistance 3 Trailer", could you?

DrFUD2672d ago

" for some reason Sony thought that the world desperately needed "

And for some reason this guy thought the world desperately needed his dick opinion which is why I'm surprised he took the Microsoft dick out of his mouth long enough to be bothered with anything Sony related since it's obviously beneath him.

Agent_hitman2672d ago

Another article made by Xbox fanboy journalist, paid by microsoft...