Only in Japan: Assassin's Creed is only on the 360

Ubisoft is launching Assassin's Creed this week. Meanwhile Japan has to wait until November 29 to try it out, but unlike the multiplatform release in North America, Ubisoft only has a date for the Xbox 360 version. The Playstation 3 release is probably still coming out.

Siliconera finds this news rather interesting since Assassin's Creed was previously believed to be a Playstation 3 exclusive and it's made by a western company. Now in one territory the tables are nearly turned, Assassin's Creed is Xbox 360 only in 2007.

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Skerj4357d ago

Wow that's fairly odd right there, I wonder why in this case. Surely it can't be localization issues.

HeartlesskizZ4357d ago

well that makes no sense at all. did they made only few copies of ps3 or what?

Skerj4357d ago

Beats me dude, if it's true though it'll be hard not to shout "conspiracy theory" or at least MS paying Ubi for timed exclusivity over in Japan. It'd help boost their sales with Lost Odyssey coming out but other than that I don't see how it'd benefit Ubi.

BrianC62344357d ago

Japanese gamers hate the 360. What a great way to make sure your game doesn't sell well. Hopefully this is just a mistake by Ubisoft that will be cleared up fast. It might not sell in Japan anyway. They don't seem to like many games other countries like.

Bubble Buddy4357d ago

very odd move by ubisoft...
that or ms paid them... for timed exclusive?

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thereapersson4357d ago

Why not multiplatform? I find it hard to believe that Ubisoft, a multi-platform-centric company, is releasing one of the biggest games of the year only on a console that is doing extremely poorly in Japan.

jackfatal4357d ago

its strange for sure!! doesnt make sense!!
ps3 install base is much more than 360!!

Daishi4357d ago

Considering the little we know about the story line it might be culture sensitive and that takes a long time to get around. It's not like they haven't ever had PS3 delays before (Ghost Recon, R6 Vegas) but only in one country? Maybe they will try to throw in a bundle deal or something?

blikz4357d ago

maybe xbox 360 is more easier to control assasin's creed...."MAYBE"

Silver3604357d ago

More ps3 sold over there so larger install base to sell to. It has to be some minor thing.

HeartlesskizZ4357d ago

why will they keep it 360 only where PS3 dominates....makes no sense