Q&A: American McGee on Grimm

The patriotically named American, currently living in Shanghai, discusses his latest twisted fairy tale title, xxx, and reveals that the game may well be also coming to Xbox Live.

American McGee is a master of dark storytelling, including American McGee's Alice, a third-person shooter starring the heroine of Alice in Wonderland--now older and driven insane by traumatic childhood experiences. The artwork was one of the main draws of the game, with the troubled Alice fighting for her sanity inside the creepy wonderland of her own imagination.

Originally released in 2000 for the PC, and also on the Mac, Alice introduced gamers to the twisted mind of American McGee, who had previously worked for id Software, and as a level designer and programming staff member on games such as Doom II, Quake, and Quake II. After id, he moved to Electronic Arts in 1998, where he created Alice.

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