Konami Talk About PES Online

Good to see Konami have found out where they've gone wrong and have set a deadline of November the 19th for the patches on both the PS3 and the 360.

Hit the link for the interview, courtesy of PESforum.


Link to the actual site:

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Madbrain4924d ago

Go play FIFA instead...

jromao4924d ago

and Fifa 08 isn't better than PES 2008 on gameplay, and gameplay is all gamers want.

Even with the initial PES 2008 issues about off-line and on-line lag, we are now in new age where patches can be deployed after game release for the next-gen consoles, so gamers will receive what was expected.

I played also football (in real life) for 10 years and I can say PES 08 is still the best game, not perfect at all, but improved from PES 6 and next PES 2009 promises much more.

For some reason PES keep the soocer title every year, don't have the licenses Fifa have but football isn't a matter of names, it's a ball being kicked by 22 on the green.

Madbrain4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I just want to play a f*cking on-line football match. With PES2008 this isn't possible.. and where is the so-called "patch"? It's been 3 weeks and nothing yet... "we are working on the problem, blah blah blah... Go buy a HD TV" (oh my God!!) ... and so on... I also prefer PES.. until PES2008... I buy it and almost trash it the same day.. I also buy FIFA where I can play an on-line game with friends, without worried about lag issues and frame-rate problems... Is it so f*cking difficult? It is just a simple game in terms of animation and graphics.. If you can't have smooth animation in a simple game like that what about games like Call of Duty 4?

Tryst4924d ago

I will never ever play FIFA, or any other EA game for that matter.

I absolutely love football, and would prefer to go a year without PES than go get FIFA.

Jamaicangmr4924d ago

Your post clearly shows that your love PES more than you actual football. Just go play Fifa it's actually pretty good this year.

peepingtom4924d ago

you'll love fifa .... pes was the gaming disappointment of the year as far as im concerned

dzg4ever4924d ago

PES is disappointment in some case, but it's stil much better then fifa! WTF americans (EA) know what is football!!!

Mo1324924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Guys this is Mo from nextgenpes, this link is from our old blog, we've moved to and there's already some new posts which aren't featured on the wordpress, so head over there!

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