Rare confirms Banjo still in development

Rumours have been circulating that one of Microsoft's high profile titles is in serious trouble, and most likely cancelled. Well, we can't confirm that a game isn't in trouble, but we can confirm that it's not Rare's Banjo Kazooie.

Speaking to Pro-G this morning a Rare spokesperson has stated that the rumoured game is definitely not Banjo. So there you have it. Banjo fans need fret no more. We're still in the dark about the game, but hopefully Rare and Microsoft will have something to show everyone next year.

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ktchong4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

So it's not Alan Wake.

It's not Fable 2.

It's not Banjo Threeie.

Whoa. There leaves Too Human, Halo War, and Peter Jackson's Halo.

Apocwhen4357d ago

Or that the original rumour to begin with is false ;)

predator4357d ago

too human is not fist party, its like alan wake, so that leaves halo wars (but we have seen loads of vids and images and ensemble studios sayin how far along it is) my guess is the peter jackson halo project, i would rather that than ny other game

MK_Red4357d ago

The source of original rumor was 1UP and they said it's a big 90 and probably true and if I'm correct, every dev is saying that they are NOT canceled but NO one is saying the rumor was untrue so they know what's happening and what game was canceled.
Since no big company or dev is denyng the rumor and it was about a game "VERY Long in works" the game is obviously Too Human even thought it may not be as 1st party as some other games, it was in developement for original PSone, N64, PS2 and all those versions were cancelled in time. Now looks like the 360 version is cancelled.

Also, Fable 2 amd Banjo were not the most possible cases of being cancelled by they all confirmed they're not cancelled. Too Human devs did not.

ShiftyLookingCow4357d ago

just recently in an interview to Develop magzine(you can find it in the front page), one MS exec touted the importance of making Too Human a great franchise. So I doubt its Too Human. A rumor is a rumor, there is chance its false. I am hoping its Peter Jackson's Halo project instead of anything else(didnt Fox and Universal just recently back away from Halo movie and MS and Jackson said they were looking for others, maybe Jackson left the whole project)

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predator4357d ago

im glad its not banjo cos i for 1 is looking forward to that game.

read my post 1.2 for my opinion

green4357d ago

and even if its true it might be an unannounced title that no one knows or has heard anything about.The other games are way to advanced in their development stage for them to get axed.

TheMART4357d ago

Exactly. Rumour could be very wrong. Halo Wars isn't because that one isn't in development for a long, long time.

Too Human is 3rd party.

So what is left on 1st party dev's/games? I really have no clue anymore...

Probably not true or someone should point me which game it could be we've missed now.

ktchong4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

a lot of Sony fanboys are gonna be so disappointed and cry if the rumor turns out to be false.

they're already so sad that it's not Alan Wake.

TheMART4357d ago

jees. I suddenly thought of Lost Odyssey, but that is 3rd party also or not. Because the Japanese market isn't a great one it might be a business choice, but no also not.

Really can't think of a 1st party possibility anymore. I guess its a false rumor.

ktchong4357d ago

Cryptic just sold off their City of Heroes IP recently... that studio could be in trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.