X360 exclusive Rise of Nightmares Gamescom screenshots

Gematsu: "With Rise of Nightmares preparing for release next month, Sega’s Gamescom showing of the title might just be its last at a public trade event. The publisher released a new set of screenshots for the Kinect-required first-person melee game."

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units2672d ago

except its not on the rails

2671d ago
TyrionL2671d ago

@ Dragonborn
LOL, " extremely linear gameplay", you mean like every single PS3 exclusive you brag about constantly? Why is linearity bad all of a sudden when it’s a Kinect game. Two failed trolls for the price of…free.

memots2671d ago

Calling the kettle black?

Like you often say " just saying"

newleaf2671d ago

hey at least I usually have my facts straight

MintBerryCrunch2672d ago

That is one gory game, is Sega trying to go for a world record of the most blood on the screen at one time

earbus2671d ago

Reminds me a little of condemed looks good keeping an eye on it.

M1chl2671d ago

Yeah remindes me Condemned as well. COndemned is ony of my favourite franchize this gen. Man, how awesome would be another Condemned...

StifflerK2671d ago

Me too , the first Condemned was awesome - especially that scene when you find the teacher in the school locker......

Condemned 2 - that bear scared the crap out of me, lmao , would love to see a new game.

TheCampfireSong2671d ago

Still not worth picking this peripheral up.

JellyJelly2671d ago

Says some guy with a Killzone avatar. How appropriate. More jelly?

MintBerryCrunch2671d ago

some ps3 users hate on the move, some 360 users hate on the kinect, both sides rag on the others without really having tested the tech

the guy you commented to has a 360 ID, so he's entitled to his opinion, and people can be multi-console owners, there is no exclusivity when it comes to owning one or the other

JellyJelly2671d ago

True, but the fact that he's commenting on the peripheral instead of the game mentioned in the article makes it clear he's trolling.

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