How Sony Plans to Spoil the Holiday Season for Nintendo

Recently told you about Nintendo and their 3DS price drop strategy. Well Sony isn't taking the news lying down. The company has its own plans, and if they are successful, they could ruin the Holiday Season for Nintendo. Learn about the new model PSP, and see how Sony can use this machine to rain on Nintendo's parade.

Also in this feature, missing NPD numbers, $1 UMD Movies, and a picture of the author's own, massive PSP collection.

Please Note: This is not an article reporting the new model PSP for Europe. This is an opinion piece that shows how Sony will use this new model to hurt Nintendo this holiday season.

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Malice-Flare2839d ago

that new PSP does not have Wi-Fi. can be a turn-off for people...

buddymagoo2838d ago

How will people play against each other with no WiFi?

DJMarty2838d ago

@buddymagoo - Using the Ad-hoc feature.

buddymagoo2838d ago

DJmarty, tell me more. So is that separate to Wifi and is that what is used for remote play??

MaxXAttaxX2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

They're just doing their job at actually delivering games and stuff.

@ buddymagoo:

Ad Hoc mode lets you connect a PSP system to other PSP systems without having to set up a WAP (Wireless Access Point).
You can connect up to 16 PSP systems for wireless play.

gamingdroid2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"This model will exclude the Wi-fi feature and it will cost only a meager 99 Euros. The exclusion of the wi-fi feature, along with other hardware reductions, obviously helped Sony to lower their price."

So Sony is further scr*wing their PSP Go owners that already got meager support from the start. Games were promised day and date with the UMD version, later changed to will come later until some games never came...

Sony are now essentially distancing themselves entirely from the PSP Go.

Also, what is up with the downgrades!? New models are supposed to be upgrades or at least retain the original features, not less!

I'm not liking this trend of reduced functionality.

Emilio_Estevez2838d ago

PSP Go failed hard man, it only makes sense to drop all plans involved with it. Only an idiot would continue with Go stuff at this point in time.

Anon19742838d ago

I suppose it's also scandalous that Sony offers stereo's and TV's with more or less features depending on the price?

Consumer choice is never a bad thing.

gamingdroid2838d ago

It's not a consumer choice, when that is the only model they will offer.

I like choices too, but not when there is only one!

... and I'm talking about the new Wii that has no BC, gimped PSP model, and I don't need to say much about the history of PS3.

Emilio_Estevez2838d ago

What are you talking about man? No choice? I don't know where you are, but there are still plenty on BC Wii's out there and plenty of other PSP models. Hell, the Go will probably end up going into a landfill, so you'll be able to find them for a while.

gamingdroid2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

***What are you talking about man? No choice?***

I'm referring to the fact that those models eventually go out of the system. Take the PS3 60GB model with hardware BC. Can you find a new unit now in-store?

Unless Nintendo and Sony (with the PSP) intend to keep two production lines going for the foreseeable future, you got one choice in the near future.

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lizard812882838d ago

Most people I talked to about this, say its a joke and Sony is looking desperate to beat Nintendo this holiday

fatstarr2838d ago

Lol I dont get how this is a spoiler to nintendos plans in the first place, no one wants a gimped psp

3ds is gonna be all the talk no one is gonna go omg you see the psp games lets get a psp it had its time years ago in 2006/2007

this isnt gonna do anything to Nintendo in the least.

and imo the ds lite and psps should sell for 70$ msrp by now. they cost maybe 30$ to make and Nintendo and sony were making profit on each unit years ago.

dsi should be 99 or 120 and dsixl should be 120-140.

it brings the balance to the Nintendo handheld pricing scheme.

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MasterCornholio2838d ago

Parents looking to save a few bucks will buy their kids the new PSP. But that will not stop Nintendo from selling a lot of 3DSs this holiday season. What sony should do is advertise the heck out of the Vita so that the public knows that a new PSP2 will be out soon.

miDnIghtEr2838d ago

No WiFi... Sony hurt themselves.. again. Not Nintendo. Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank with their DS's.

Cajun Chicken2838d ago

Wow, thought I had a lot of PSP games!

jacksonmichael2838d ago

I know... I wonder how many memory cards he has gone through...

Magnus2838d ago

A new model PSP with a huge drop in a price like that is nice but without wifi the thing is useless how can anyone download firmware updates game updates DLC and play online I put PS1 games on my PSP and you can't do it with this one. I was going to get a new PSP but i'll stick with my 3001.

lizard812882838d ago

This is Pirate's Gold....

LeBronista2837d ago

You can do those thing with your PC using the MediaGo software. Downloading PSP stuffs via MediaGo/PC is much faster than downloading it using the PSP's wifi.

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