The simExchange October NPD Preview: Activision to dominate holidays

The simExchange has released their monthly NPD Preview report.

Key Points

- Wii and Nintendo DS expected to lead their product groups
- 40GB PS3 Model expected to increase sales
- Activision expected to dominate the holidays
- First-person shoots are cannibalizing each other's sales
- Sony continues to struggle with its PS3 exclusives

IMPORTANT NOTE: All unit sales forecasts on the simExchange are from market trading of game stocks and futures on the simExchange prediction market, and not the forecasts of an individual analyst employing conventional means of forecasting.

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Raider20004934d ago

Please remember that this data comes from the users at The simExchange not from an individual Analyst using conventional means. If you do not agree with the data, sign up at and see how you play against other users.

jackfatal4934d ago

i see a little ps3 gain and a little 360 drop!

Raider20004934d ago

Yea, we did notice that the PS3 is getting some positive movement. Hope Uncharted helps.

MK_Red4934d ago

I think biggest PS3 helpers are not exclusives right now but 3rd party games like Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 and Assassin's Creed though they'll also help 360.
Don't think general awareness of Uncharted is high enough or even close to Heavenly Sword's.