CS:GO - 5 Keys To Success writes: Counter-Strike has been the staple of hardcore, online competition shooters for 12 years now. With Valve announcing that we'd be seeing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next year, gamers across the globe are waiting with anticipation. However there is a giant red flag that is causing issues for some; the game is going cross-platform and will also be appearing on the PS3 and Xbox 360. How can Valve offer an experience for both demographics that will see Counter-Strike remain successful?

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Theo11302836d ago

Very good points, but they don't need to keep making new maps, people stick to a certain map rotation. I personally like Office, Nuke, Dust, and a couple of custom one's; and that's it.

hellerphant2836d ago

While we all have our favourite rotations it would be nice to have some interesting and challenging new maps to give it a bit more life. Perhaps you would develop a classic and new map rotation then ;)

hakis862835d ago

Agreed, no need to release a new CS if there's nothing new, right..? =o)

Shackdaddy8362836d ago

6. Keep the smooth controls it has had in the previous games.