Unseen Halo Movie concept art

We recently dug up a gorgeous piece of concept art what appears to be from the Halo Movie

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281219863081d ago

Dang I wish Msoft would just go and make the movie...

aviator1893081d ago

Me too. But I think microsoft wants the halo movie to be a huge success in terms of both commercial and quality. So, I think they're just looking for the proper team, studio, script, and cast to create the movie they think fans and movie-goers alike would want to see.

281219863081d ago

The commercials they make for all the Halo games are awesome...their marketing dept surely does an awesome job...

MintBerryCrunch3081d ago

The guy that was suppose to direct Halo never got the chance, he was given $30 million and made his own sci-fi action thriller to prove himself, the movie you ask? District 9, which was a massive success

Neil Blomkamp should get a shot at making the Halo movie, if it ever gets the greenlight again

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Wow how tall is the chief? is he really that tall to an average person.

Dude is like over 7 feet tall.

aviator1893081d ago

Neil blomkamp said he was definitely interested and had passion when making the halo movie. But when the big studios, not microsoft, pulled out of the project and withdrew finances, blomokamp said that after all the work he'd put into the few months to make the halo movie was for nothing, he said he'd never come back to direct halo again.

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Niles3081d ago

They have always been taller than Humans...You can see Halo legends for how tall and awfully strong they are...

HK63081d ago

Reported for being fake. This has been on Bungie's website for quite a while. Pre-Reach even.